ZAP – Making Car Ownership Dreams a Reality


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Do you have a dream car in mind? Is your budget not allowing you to make this dream a reality? We all make compromises in life and buying a new car, as exciting as the prospect is, can sometimes get deferred to another day, another month and then another year. After scraping together a down payment the thought of contending with car loan EMIs for the next few years can be very discouraging. But things are changing now and shared economy principles are helping people across India get the car they want without adding a financial burden.

ZAP to the Rescue

The ZAP model or the Zoomcar Associate Program is aimed at helping you manage the finances of buying a new car. As a ZAPster, you can list your car on the Zoomcar platform when you are not using it and earn extra income. Depending on the listing periods, participants of the ZAP initiative have earned up to Rs 20,000 a month. That is enough to cover the EMI costs and a little extra without doing anything.

Zoomcar can help you with the car buying process too. The company has a wonderful relationship with top car makers like Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra, Ford and Tata. Buy your car at a special discounted rate and get access to a wide network of car loan providers for the best schemes possible. Because of these perks, you can aim for a higher model than the one you initially thought of buying.

Easy Process

Getting started on ZAP is fairly easy. To satisfy compliance requirements the new car will have to be registered as a commercial vehicle under Zoomcar. This also absolves you from any liabilities which may occur when it is listed, which means you can sit back worry-free while your car is on the road earning for you. You also need to install Cadabra in the car. The smart tool monitors your car health giving you alerts about different aspects of the vehicle. This will help you perform preventive maintenance and save thousands of rupees.

Listing the car is not a complicated procedure. When you are not using it, use the app to signal its availability for rental. There is no requirement for you to interact with customers. The billing process is very transparent. You will know exactly what you are getting paid for.

Zoomcar has revolutionised the way thousands of people travel across India and the story has just started. You too can enjoy a piece of this success with a professional and easy-to-understand sharing model. Enjoy the privileges of a car owner without making financial compromises. ‘Buy car’ is the one life goal on your long list that should only bring you joy and freedom rather than extra responsibility. Get your dream car and enjoy the extra income it gives you.


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