Xbox One-Exclusive Below Can Come Back to Nintendo Switch and PS4: Capybara Games


Announced during Microsoft’s E3 2013 Occasion, Below is an Activity roguelike developed by Capybara Games, known for games Such as Critter Crunch and Super Time Force.
It was forever delayed after the studio decided to invest more time polishing the game. Xbox One-Exclusive Below Could Come to Nintendo Switch and PS4: Capybara GamesWhile the release window for Below is slated for 2018, for Steam and Xbox One, it appears that Below could be making it into the PS4 and Nintendo Switch after all. Based on an interview with, Below’s director, Kris Pitriowski suggested it won’t be console exclusive to the Xbox One when asked about which platforms we can see Below on next and when there are plans for a physical edition of the game.
“As far as the physical release, I’m not sure about that. I’d love to launch a game which comes in a tiny box. We’ve been talking to a vendors about performing some special editions, but that is just something we have been thinking about, none of that has been finalised. Ideally it comes out in a way that isn’t just digital, I like putting together little custom boxes and stuff like this! Like things which players can hold onto, and help them be fans,” he stated before hinting of the chance of Below coming into the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

“When it comes to additional programs, right now we are just announcing Xbox and Steam. Beyond that, I can not say, right now.”

It’d be interesting to see if this is really true as at the moment Below is a console exclusive to the Xbox One and Pitriowski’s statement indicates it could wind up being a timed Xbox One exclusive. With the Xbox One finally getting Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and No Man’s Sky, it’d be good to view Below hit a wider audience. Particularly when you consider how badly the Xbox One was selling in most markets.


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