World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony Marked With an Animated Doodle


Whereas its earlier doodle celebrated the beginning of the Fifer World Cup 2014 in Rio de Janeiro with references made to Christ the Redeemer and likewise to the Sugarloaf Mountains positioned within the metropolis, Google’s newest doodle is a tribute to the outlet ceremony that used to be held on the area Corinthians in Sao Paulo on Thursday.

The brand new doodle features the letters written in an elongated font, with the ‘L’ that includes the stick arms and legs (from the earlier doodle) preserving a personnel and the golf green and yellow ball, and coming up and down. The ‘E’ is depicted beating a drum frantically. Curiously sufficient the colors on the drum are a reminder of the Rastafarian colors popularized with the aid of singer Bob Marley.

On the doodle, World Cup web page a remark in regards to the doodle reads, ‘the sector Cup opening ceremony was once so inspiring-and what an unbelievable coincidence-our next doodle has a dancing tree particular person too. Congrats Brazil!’ The doodle is seen in almost all the elements of the arena barring a few countries in the North of Africa.

An alternative model of the doodle has the first ‘G’ beating the drums with the ‘L’ reprising its position as the tree particular person and dancing.

The 25-minute opening ceremony at the environment Corinthians noticed the event mascot ‘ Falco’ a vulnerable species of armadillo found in Brazil, arriving, adopted by means of an enormous troupe of dancers showcasing the completely different dance kinds in Brazil intertwined with blended martial arts from Brazil. The background had the referee’s whistles blowing together with cymbals and drums. The center of the field saw an enormous, revolving 3D ball that carried pictures on it, including those of the event ball Brassica.

The show-stopping event for the sport integrated singers Pit-bull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Elite perform the reliable World Cup tune ‘we are one’. Whereas the outlet ceremony drew combined reactions the world over, with individuals additionally slamming it, Google has naturally chosen to focus on the ‘unbeleafableaccident’ of the games.


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