Why Myntra Relaunched a Website



Almost a year ago Myntra took a leap into a grand experiment.

They turned off their website and went Mobile App only.

This experiment got a ton of press. Myntra was possibly the biggest ecommerce company in the world to do this. Companies and Software Developers around the world rooted them on. Everyone wanted to know the effect.

It looks like the time for the experiment is over and the web has won.

This weekend the Flipkart owned Myntra decided to relaunch their website.

Most likely because they were missing out on a lot of new customers and desktop sales.

Going mobile app only alienated all desktop traffic and a lot of traffic from Google and Social Media.

If a visitor came on their phone and didn’t have the app installed they were out of luck.

This new website should also help get users more Myntra coupons as they will be targeting new segments.

Websites give you desktop AND mobile visitors who don’t have the app installed. This is a lot of people Myntra can now target.

Some noted facts about their new website launch:

– Fully responsive (optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet browsers)
– Optimized Images for Retina Displays
– Launched home Furnishing and Jewellery

Myntra has gone on record saying they “believe in making bold calls.” Even if they have to make a U-turn.

In the end, it looks like the Internet got a great case study on what happens when you go mobile app only.


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