Why Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Are the Most Ideal for Your Commercial Buildings


Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are the best way to have a ceiling in your commercial building and they offer greatest value for your money by giving the best possible desirable qualities for your construction. You have many ranges of fine products while selecting the mineral fiber based ceiling for your commercial building.   You can enjoy many benefits in selecting the Mineral fiber ceiling tiles as your ceiling material.

Some of the most important benefits of Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are

offer good anti- microbial performance to be used in all types of buildings that need a highest degree of sterility
Give a good neat and clean room appearance
Durability and are easily washable and hence easy to maintain
Good for healthcare establishments as they are good in infection control
Give the best clean room performance adding to the ease of maintenance
Highly durable hence no periodical maintenance or replacement costs
Easy to wash hence ease of maintenance good to use even in sterile condition buildings
Fully soil resistant and completely water repellant hence no moisture associated problems inside the building
Can be used in any type of commercial establishments like concert halls or theaters as these offer the best acoustic performance maintaining a good audio environment inside the buildings
These Mineral fiber ceiling tiles offer higher light reflective finish for enhancing the natural lighting  inside the building
You can get extra smooth surface finish adding to the interior décor of the building
Highly resistant to humidity and moisture complying with the RH 99 standards
The Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are highly sustainable in nature hence good for  achieving  green star standards in construction
Very economical with highly reliable and proven performance parameters
Brings down the installation time and hence helping to reduce economy in overall construction cost
The Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are available in a variety of fine textured surface finishes so that you really have a wider choice to achieve the required degree of look and finish
Completely sag resistant and can easily withstand extreme temperatures ( 49 deg C) and a higher relative humidity of up to 95%
Are non- directional in look and feel hence easy to install and reduce wastage
Light in weight and hence these Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are easy to install on all types of standard grids like Peak form 24mm
Offer the best value for your money by becoming your cost effective ceiling solution
Available in a variety of edge details to seamlessly merge with any type of surface
With these Mineral fiber ceiling tiles it is possible to achieve the lowest lifecycle cost for your ceiling finish
Most of these tiles are reinforced for great tensile strength and offer scratch resistant superior surface finish that lasts forever
Thus, going for the Mineral fiber ceiling tiles is one of the wisest decisions you are going to make while selecting the right ceiling material and finish to any type of your commercial building.


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