When it Comes to Spying on an iPhone, StealthMate is an Obvious Choice


Iphone Spy App   StealthMate

StealthMate has around for quite some time now, and it has managed to build quite a reputation for itself due to its remarkable spying features. Previously, this app was largely focused on Android platform, but it has lately become an excellent choice for iPhone spying as well. A slew of new abilities have been added to an already feature-rich app, giving you unprecedented access to private communications and other data of iPhone users. StealthMate spy software has improved so much over the years that it wouldn’t be wrong for us to say that it is now an obvious choice for anyone looking to keep tabs on Apple’s flagship phone. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, you can check out the app’s features mentioned below and make your own opinion about it.

WhatsApp Monitoring

There’s no questioning the fact that WhatsApp has become one of the biggest sources of communication, which makes it a prime messaging service to keep an eye on it if you’re spying on someone. With the help of StealthMate, you can see each and every message being sent and received through this platform. If you’re spying on someone’s iPhone without WhatsApp monitoring, then it is pretty much useless because most of communication nowadays takes place through it.

Call Monitoring

Another feature that you will need for spying is call monitoring because you have to know which number the call is coming from, who the person you’re spying on is calling, how long these calls last, the frequency of these calls, etc. All of this can be achieved simply through StealthMate. It provides you information regarding each incoming and outgoing call along with duration of the call and the time at which the call was placed.

Text Message Logging

Text messages still remain a popular mode of communication, so keeping an eye on them is equally important. Fortunately, StealthMate allows you to monitor them with ease. With the help of this solution, you can see content of each and every message being sent and received, including their details such as timestamp and number of sender/recipient, on the target iPhone.

Web Browsing

Another big feature of this tool is that it enables you to monitor web browsing activity of your target. Now this is a big one, especially in the modern day where people like to spend most of their time on the internet. If you have access to their online activity, you can know almost everything about them without much of a hassle.


Cameras are integrated in all the smartphones nowadays, and Apple has a reputation of putting out the best ones. People utilize them to take all sorts of pictures of themselves. With the help of StealthMate, you can covertly access these pictures from anywhere at any time.

Location Tracking

Another great feature in StealthMate is of location tracking, which keeps tabs on your target round the clock. It enables you to see where the person you’re spying goes on daily basis. The tracking is live so you always know where they are, and where they are going. If you’re planning on stalking your target, you’ve found yourself just the app for it.


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