Valentines Day – How to Make it Extra Special and Meaningful


Oh, another Valentines Day, another gift to buy and… is a bad attitude! Valentines Day should be a special day, but it only is if you make it so. If you’re single, you can still enjoy the day, but if you’re not, it’s your pleasant responsibility to make it special for your mate. This can be easy or tough, depending on many issues, including how long you’ve been together, how well you’ve been getting along, and whether you need to work a long day on Valentines. So many issues, but you can make it special.

Valentines Day Gift
Valentines Day Gift

First of all, if you are way too busy, like out of town on business and simply can’t do anything about that, at least talk and send a present, any present, and reschedule Valentines day. Yes, you can reschedule it just like we reschedule Columbus Day and Washington’s birthday to conveniently be on Mondays for a long weekend. Of course you’ll want to reschedule to sometime when you both have the whole or at least much of the day free. Traveling somewhere together, even just a day or half day trip, is wonderful because you remove the normal interruptions of life and can focus on each other.

You’ll need to clear your mind, and being away helps a lot. You’ll also ideally give a nice gift or two or three. They don’t need to be expensive, just thoughtful. How about a handmade card as a simple suggestion? If a gift is a surprise that’s so much the better.

My favorite Valentines Day needed to be rescheduled due to travel interruptions because of snow; I was stranded in an airport trying to get home. We rescheduled to that Saturday, got a grandma to watch the kids, and left absurdly early in the morning to go to a nearby city. We were so exhausted we took a 4 hour nap together when we arrived, and naps together are very romantic. We then had an early dinner as we had napped through lunch, and a bottle of wine to accompany it. We decided to see a movie and then walked hand in hand through the city sightseeing and people watching.

When we arrived home late the next morning, surprise presents including flowers had arrived, we fetched the kids from Granny, and all played scrabble for hours.Take a look at

You need to do something different to make Valentines Day special! It is the thought that counts, especially when you think it up together!


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