Updating Your Home? Nine Trends to Look for at Your Flooring Store


Flooring is a perhaps the most important part of the renovation process. It sets the mood of the house and has to be chosen keeping in mind maintenance and usage. If you’re planning a home renovation, then buying the flooring is probably the most exciting part of it all. Here are some of the latest trends in flooring to look forward to –

1. Bamboo
The eco friendly flooring is now available in even more styles. A traditional hardwood mimicking new wide-plank style is quite popular these days. A new engineered product called strand-woven bamboo which is a stronger counterpart can also be chosen from within a variety of colours.

2. Dark Hardwood Floors
Ebony, espresso, Jacobean and dark walnut are some of the kinds of dark hardwood floors which are loved by customers and are still quite popular. If one wants a true black effect that they should go for a wood floor stained with dark ebony for a timeless look.

3. Parquet
Styles such as chevron or herringbone in which tiles are arranged in a geometric pattern are called parquet. The parquet lends a decorative look, yet many homeowners are going for this flooring. Designs with puzzle effects or intricate kaleidoscopic designs can be opted for a carnivelesque look in certain rooms.

4. Longer Planks
Longer planks which are increasingly being opted within hardwood floors lend an elongated look to your space. It is a more traditional aesthetical look. Mixed-width planks are also becoming popular which create an artistic pattern by randomly laid planks.

5. Modern Techniques for Classic Looks
Nowadays one tends to go for a flooring which is more durable and can stand wear and tear for a longer period of time and at the same time offer a classic look. Luxury vinyl is a kind of engineered vinyl finish which is more affordable, durable and looks exactly like wood. Factory-finished hardwood flooring lends a warm, rustic look without the high expenditure on salvaged wood.

6. Gray Floors
Gray floors lend a cool tone to the house, which is becoming quite popular with customers in warmer climates. White wood is also being opted by many people especially if their house has a beachy vibe.

7. Cork Flooring
Cork flooring offers a completely unique look to the house as well as extra comfort as compared to tiles or hardwood. It is also more durable and eco-friendly and available in many colours.

8. Larger Tiles
Traditionally, tiles are chosen in the 12” by 12” range, but these days larger tiles are becoming more popular. They are easier to clean with fewer grout lines and hence lend a cleaner look to your space. These days tiles from 24” by 24” up to 36” can be chosen from.

9. Satin and Matte Finishes
Satin is still the most popular choice amongst finish options. A hardwood floor probably means choosing satin. Gloss and semi-gloss options were once popular and now are being replaced by matte floors in modern houses.

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