Twitter in brief Shuts down Tweetdeck to Thwart Self-Propagating Tweet


A tweet containing a snippet of pc code propagated itself thru Twitter Wednesday by using benefiting from a security flaw in the firm’s tweetdeck application.

In response, Twitter shut down the applying’s access to tweets for approximately an hour Wednesday whereas fixing the problem.

The 2-line message was once mechanically “retreated,” or dispatched out again, when obtained by way of tweetdeck, a computer application for Twitter’s energy customers. Affected tweeters saw pop-up home windows on their screens. The tweet used to be sent out tens of lots of instances, however left its victims in any other case unhurt.

Twitter initially instructed tweetdeck users to log out and log again in. When that proved ineffective, it shut down the application’s access to tweets. Twitter was once nonetheless accessible via its site and thru different functions.

It’s now not the primary time tweets containing javascript code have self-propagated through safety holes in Twitter. The remaining main outbreak was in 2010. The you can imagine harm is reasonably restricted with the aid of the brevity of tweets, which might be at most a hundred and forty characters lengthy.


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