Transsion’s Oraimo Brand Launches a Range of Mobiles Accessories in India


Mobile accessory Manufacturer Oraimo, subsidiary of China’s Transsion Holdings, on Tuesday announced the Launching of its new accessories in India.
The new selection of Oraimo accessories includes Bluetooth-enabled headphones and speakers, electricity banks, chargers, data cables, smartwatches, and selfie sticks. While the Bluetooth-enabled audio devices, power banks, memory banks, chargers, and smartwatches come with a one-year replacement guarantee, the company is supplying a six-month replacement guarantee for its data wires and hands-free offerings in the nation.
Starting with the power banks, the range includes the 6000mAh Aurora PB-60AR, 10000mAh Gorilla OPB-P102D, and the 1.3cm 10000mAh Toast OPB-P103D amongst others. These new electricity banks have features like dual-power output with rapid charging support, built-in LED flashlight, and multi-protect safety system. The electricity bank range includes lithium-polymer batteries and can be priced between Rs. 899 and Rs. 2,299.Transsion's Oraimo Brand Launches a Range of Mobiles Accessories in India

Alongside the power banks, you will find Oraimo Bluetooth audio devices that come in many different form factors and versions, including in-ear and over-the-ear cans, wireless earphones, and wireless speakers. Oraimo earphones are made of break-resistant Kevlar fibres. The wireless models, in the brand new range, are touted to deliver a standby time of 240 hours on one charge and extend HD voice clarity.

Oraimo Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, are promised to offer you a audio playback time of up to six hours. There are versions, including the Rocker OBS-51D and Perform OBS-32S, which have attributes such as light show and TF card support.

Apart from the earphones and speakers, Oraimo has launched the Tempo OFB-10 smartwatch which allows users keep a tab of steps, distance travelled, and calories burned. The smartwatch comes with a battery life of up to seven days and has added features such as reminders and alarms, sleep track, and a distant for shooting photographs.

Oraimo has also established its dual-output smartphone chargers with fast-charging support, in-car chargers with universal grip, guards with 9H hardness. Additionally, there are retractable 2-in-1 wires, reversible design-based fast charging wires, charging wires with twin heads which can come between Rs. 199 and Rs. 599.

“We plan to stick to the inroads made by other manufacturers out of Transsion in India, and set industry benchmarks by acquiring the rod position within our domain in a record-breaking time. In accord with its brand philosophy ‘Keep Researching’, the rich offerings from Oraimo will surely add a good deal of excitement to our customers’ lives,” said Guoli Liu, General Manager of Oraimo, Transsion Holdings, in a press announcement.


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