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In case if you’re looking for a website builder which is not only easy to use, but doesn’t let you compromise with the quality, then you should probably go for In a ocean of website building services, Website – stands out to be the purest and brightest. With the simple and user-friendly interface, it only asks for an email address to sign-up. The intuitive drag and drop editor tool enables you to build a perplexing website even when the site is slight inadequately rich in terms of tools.

Website-Builder is a substantial service for owners that own small-scale businesses. It also goes well for individuals who never had an experience of building a website before and who don’t have much time and effort to spend on creating a website. On the other hand, it is also utilitarian for advanced customers who aspire to use precipice features. They might not entirely depend on this builder for the whole website, but they will definitely get benefitted by few vanguard features. Through this builder, one can not only edit, but also can manage and upgrade their online websites.


Tons of Templates:

After opening an account in, you will have access to heterogeneous free website templates following different themes and styles. If you have an initial idea of how you want your site to be, you can possess that kind of outlook by browsing through the themes and previewing them. The selected theme entrenches the visual attribute to all your website pages where you can add the content. The domain of the templates is categorized into different sets based on the purpose say, one pager, Business, Fashion, Wedding, Architecture, Freelancers etc. The best part about it is that the themes are constantly being updated and new themes are launched at regular periodic intervals. They can also be sorted with popularity. If a particular theme seems fancy enough to you, you can get a look at the preview by clicking on the “Preview” button and get some action.  The builder allows you to change colors, add elements, size, background, favicon or header image.


Before you even know it, you will find yourself creating professional web pages. It only takes a short period to get the hang of it, compared to any other complicated website builder. Once after deciding on the theme, the editor appears on the top of the screen with a set of web elements. You can find three different options titled as “Pages”, “Add an element” and “Settings”. Under each title, various individual elements appear which can customize your website in an authentic way. Users can drag, drop and edit with an assurance because the builder is so adaptable that it doesn’t allow a single thing to mess up. All you need is one email address, and you can test if for yourself.


There are limitations to the services that are being used. You can create hundreds of WebPages and to publish them, you have to get yourself felicitated with the premium plan. The pricing usually ranges from $10 dollars for an annum. However, a specific offer has been launched which allows you to get a 20-40% discount on a whole.

6 months$ 9.95/mo
12 months$ 7.95/mo20%
24 months$ 6.95/mo30%
36 months$ 5.95/mo40%


  1. Robust Design and utmost workability.
  2. Free hosting and set of e-commerce wherewithals.
  3. SEO-friendly.


  1. No ‘Undo’ built-in option.
  2. Email services are not offered along with the account.

Free Hosting:

One feature that makes Website-Builder entirely different from other building sites is that the hosting won’t cost you a dime. It’s entirely free for all plans and you don’t have to worry about separate cost.


The information structure of search engine optimization is so exclusive that it actually makes the SEO easy. The Website-Builder’s blog is where you can find articles that help in enhancing your ranking and also in optimizing your site according to the requirements of the search engine. If you’re serious about raising your website’s rank, you can follow the blog to get hold of many tips.

Customer Support:

If you ever face any trouble or need some rigid help for your website, you can contact the Website-Builder representatives via the website. They will be available throughout and gets back to you, soon after.


With Website-Builder, building a website is not only easy, but it is also equally fun. Browse and learn how the builder works exactly. The comfort that is inscribed in will make them come back again and again and will also make them recommend it to other business, firms, organizations and individuals. Overall, it is a hellacious tool for those who are looking to build a website.


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