Top Quality Equipment For Physical Vapor Deposition


Industries that need top quality equipment for physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating services and systems know that there is just one company to call when they need the very best, and that is Verguson Technology, Inc. (VTI), at For over twenty years, this company has been an industry leader in vacuum metalizing services for numerous industries, including automotive, packaging and LED lighting, that need metalizing and PVD wear-coating systems. There’s no doubt that comes through for its clients, time and again, with the highest possible level of quality service.

Metalizing Equipment

VTI is a leader in the use of metalizing equipment that is designed to achieve incredibly fast processing cycles. This ensures a high volume of output that is synchronous with the flow of manufacturing overall. The Press-Side Rapid Cycle System from VTI is specially designed to coat products with a variety of metals, all working in conjunction with plasma etching and polymerization of base and top coats.

VTI has the installation of over 200 systems worldwide to its credit, in a variety of applications and industries, including: Vehicle lighting and additional components, appliance components, consumer products, chrome plating replacement, glassware and mirrors, display items, cosmetic and product packaging, commercial, industrial and residential lighting and much more.

VTI also offers other high-end metalizing systems, including the Press-Side 4000 SL (a global performance leader in Rapid-cycle Metalizing), a unique Thermal Evaporation Metalizing System, and The SuperChrome 660 PVD system. With these highly specialized unique systems (and more) VTI is able to deliver the kind of service their clients need, and deliver it to the highest possible standards of quality.

The Philosophy

The professionals at VTI know it’s not enough just to provide great systems for meeting their customer’s needs. VTI also offers a dedicated service team that is available 24/7, in order to provide the kind of expert, detailed advice customers need in order to get the very most out of their VTI products. This team is ready to serve its clients from installation to training and beyond, so they get the very most out of every service and piece of equipment they purchase from When quality vacuum coating equipment is needed, is the company to call.


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