Top 5 cell phones for senior citizens in recent times with simplified functions


Senior citizens have special needs and may not be able to handle technology and gadgets like the rest of us. They may have problems understanding what applications to do what and how to interact with the same. Each day new applications are being launched to rectify and update the previous ones.

Also along with these applications, manufacturers are making necessary changes to the hardware of their smart phones to adapt better to these applications. Understanding how each application works may be a daunting task and may not be suitable for senior citizens and elderly persons who might face problems understanding the whole process. Also smart phones can appear a bit tricky to use for someone who has no previous experience with one.

Just like we have child proof phones and tablets and also technology made just for children, cell phones for senior citizens are not rare to find. There are a lot of manufacturers who make cell phones designed to be used by senior citizens with limited functionality and just the basic services. Although most people are familiar with the latest models of apple and android, getting used to one can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. Also old people have failing senses like eyesight and hearing abilities. Special attention should be taken while making cell phones exclusively for senior citizens.

Some of the models manufactured for senior citizens are discussed below. All these models have some functionality or the other which makes it a suitable phone to be used by an old person.

The Jitterbug Plus

The Jitterbug Plus is a budget phone aimed especially at seniors.  It has large buttons with a yes/no navigation system and extra loud speakers. The user interface is very easy to use and friendly. The phone also comes with a 5 star emergency response service in the event of a serious medical condition or accident. Among other features are reminders to take medications and instant calls to an nearby hospital.

Snapfon ezTWO

It is named as the cell phone for seniors and comes loaded with a speaking keyboard, a 24×7 alert service and all round monitoring of the user. Holding down the emergency buttons triggers a call to the nearest police station and also sends out a siren.

Doro PhoneEasy 626

This cell phone made from consumer cellular has raised buttons on a smooth white background. It is also compatible with hearing aid devices and has an inbuilt Gps so that the user’s position can be tracked by family members.

iBall Asaan 2

This phone has an easy to view and read screen with extremely large fonts and large buttons. It also has an emergency button, a torch and a siren. The affordable pricing of this one makes it stand out.

Magicon Senior Duo

The Magicon Senior Duo is a standard senior citizen cell phone and is aimed for use by old people only. The Sos button and dual sim mode are some of the basic features incorporated in this device. This device lacks other features most smart phones or cell phones have and are aimed for general use. The feature that sets this phone apart is that there is a small magnifying glass down at the bottom of the device. This glass can be pulled and used to read small text. This becomes fairly useful when being targeted towards senior people.


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