Top 10 Free Resources to Learn English from Home


Would you like to practice your English level for free? Do you want to maintain your speaking or comprehension skills? Would you like to raise your level of your knowledge? Today it is possible to learn English from home. There is no more need to attend intensive courses in a language school, look for a tutor or ask an expert on to write an essay for you. Among top 10 resources, we will help you to find the best website to learn English speaking and develop your comprehension skills.

BBC Learning

One of the most popular online resources among those who want gain proficiency in the language. It is simple in its usage and popular due to the unique approach applied to everyone who has at least the smallest desire to improve your skills. The BBC Learning English resource offers you to take a level test, which helps you to define what you have already known, and what you are going to learn. This online resource gives you an opportunity to work online, on your smartphone and tablet, because all the materials and topical vocabulary are always with you.

Oxford University Press

From now on you can forget about boring lessons, because with the help of the Oxford University Press you get an opportunity to practice the language with fun. You can advance your level due to earning the scores for right answers and solving the riddles for a time. Each online lesson consists of reading, listening and speaking comprehension. The assessment system makes you follow the schedule of online lessons and calculates the scores you gain each lesson.

TED talks

Among all the tools to learn English, the TED talks is one of the best that help you to improve your listening skills. The TED talks is a free online platform where you can find talks online on various topics, like technology, media, entertainment, and design. There is an opportunity to watch videos with or without subtitles, and also find a script to every video posted on the site.

Learn English British Council

After finding your language level with a test offered to you on the website, you have an opportunity to achieve better results in grammar, academic writing and also develop your speaking skills. There are activities for different levels and various materials, like tv-shows, magazines, and audiobooks with the help of which you can easily practice wherever you are.

Learn English Online
A perfect online resource where you can succeed in learning for free. The Learn English Online platform allows you to take your knowledge up a notch due to 12 units and 57 online lessons. Getting Intermediate level with this excellent online resource is easy.

Activities for ESL Students

The Activities for ESL Students make your lessons fun and interactive with the help of quizzes, tests, exercises, and puzzles. If English is your second language and you have already been aware of your level, you can improve your grammar or vocabulary with different interesting quizzes.

English Page

The English Page is free online resource aimed to make your language practice easier. It contains Grammar and Vocabulary tutorials that have the option to divide your studying into weekly lessons. This option makes your lessons be arranged according to an organized and flexible system.

English as a Second Language

This website is a large resource designed for foreign learners. Here you can easily communicate with native speakers all over the world, find grammar lessons, new words, download all the lessons to study offline and practice your skills with the same learners and advanced speakers from other countries. With this app, you can spend 10 minutes a day and practice without difficulties.

Rosetta Stone

With the help of the Rosetta Stone website you get the access to educational materials and studying resources that include lessons, quizzes, podcasts and community forum. The resource provides in-depth tutorials that cover grammar and vocabulary lessons.

Nonstop English

The website created for those who want to learn more vocabulary or develop grammar skills with interactive tests for free. The drawback of the site is that here you won’t find any lessons to make your speaking skills level better, but you can check your knowledge with challenging and interesting tests with just a click of the mouse.



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