The O Heated Hair Rollers and Curlers


Cloud Nine Hairs

The O from Cloud Nine Hair is a hair curling system for curling hair while applying heat to make your hair volume have bigger bouncy curls. Hair curling is popular for bigger hair looks for “big” hair. Heated rollers are used to achieve large looks or tight and small curls can be achieved using curling irons.

Heated rollers were popularised in the 1940s, 1950’s and 1960’s during these periods the hair care consumer market was very different to how it is today. The technology to create small compact relatively low powered electronics was not so readily available. Often Women would have to improvise to create styles at home. Some of these improvisations included stove heating tin cans and putting into the hair to create large curl styles by applying heat to the hair. This was used with different diameter sizes to create different curl looks. The hair was set with often lots of hair spray applied overnite.

Hair Salons used rollers in the hair under pod hair dryers to set the hair to the desired curl. These were used extensively but where uncomfortable sat under a down blast of heat for an hour was a high price to pay.

O Heated Hair Rollers

It was in the 1970s as portable appliance technology started to develop, that the first heat-up independent hair rollers started to be developed. This saw a rise in home roller kits.

* Popular Hair Roller Styles

* Party Curls

* Piquant Pixie

* Ruffled

* Big Curvy Curls

The O in 2010 changes this by doing it differently it use’s unique heat induction technology heating up each heated hair roller to a maximum temperature of 130 degrees all this in 4 seconds. The O is a black pod which you insert inside each roller once the rollers heats up you here a beep the heated roller is then able to be applied to the hair. The O heats up quickly, allowing each heated hair roller to be used to style the hair one after the other.


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