The best attic insulation


There are many factors that enable you to choose best attic insulation. The most important of all is the money you are willing to spend. Other factors are- climate, type of construction, overall quality of air sealing and personal preferences of materials and also lifestyle issues matter a lot.

It is a universal fact that temperature of climate depends from place to place. Places like Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are extremely cold for most part of the years. Homes in the areas of the country like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Haryana are hot for most of the period and place like Mumbai do not see many fluctuations in the temperature. An under insulated attic will be virtually ineffective at containing processed air whether heated (as in the winter) or cooled ( as in the summer) within the home. Its ability to inhibit air transfer from warmer places to cooler places is rated by mass insulation. It is generally said that, the thicker the insulation, the better it performs with regard to fiber glass and cellulose.

You cannot say that mass attic insulation can completely retard air transfer, but it surely can slow it down. Once the material becomes saturated with heated air, it ceases to perform.

Experts have stated that best approach to attic insulation is to include foil product like radiant barrier. This gets placed over existing attic insulation, which completely blocks air flow from heated areas to cooler areas. During winters when temperature drops and it is cold outside, it is placed over the floor joists. Whereas in warmer climates, it is often placed along the rafters. This is the way it blocks inbound radiant heat coming from the sun, thus preventing it from entering the attic and getting absorbed by the materials.

Once you have decided to insulate your attic, you have to choose type of insulation. Commonly there are two types of insulation- recycled and blanked insulation.

Recycled insulation is a green and non-itch alternative to conventional blanked insulation. The techniques of laying this are same, but non-itch insulation makes it more comfortable process. You have to check the instructions given on the product to ensure that you install it to the right depth requirement.

Blanket insulation is one of the most widely used forms of attic insulation, blanket insulation is simple to work with, although it is always recommended to wear protective clothing as it can be uncomfortable to handle. Before stating you have to carefully ensure that surface area of the attic is measured properly. You also have to bear in mind the recommended depth requirements and order correctly. Remember that manufacturers supply blanket insulation in many different depths, so you have to order to correct depth as well as to necessary surface area. Always try to consider recycled and natural alternatives to conventional blanket insulation.

In the case of DIY attic insulation, a person usually has two choices- loose fill and blanked insulation. Both can be added to uninsulated attics or layered over existing material. You have to decide which type of insulation will be best for your attic depending upon price, location, temperature etc.


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