Taking Care of Sensitive Teeth


If you are suffering from sensitive teeth — or dentine hypersensitivity — that the odds are you haven’t been caring for them correctly; you have neglected them to a degree where they hurt when you bite into cold or cold items and cause you a whole lot of discomfort accordingly. However, there are ways of tackling this unfortunate problem. We will look at ways of caring for sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth is a bodily feeling once the nerves within the dentin of the teeth are subjected to unique components; this feeling may range from a small discomfort to some sharp-shooting pain. The causes of sensitive teeth can vary, and they range from general wear and tear to jagged teeth due to neglect.

A recent study revealed that 57 per cent of people suffered — to some extent — from sensitive teeth, with the 30-39 age bracket seems the most cases. The majority of these people cited cold things are the reason behind the pain, but others said hot and sweet stimuli as well. These figures are a whole lot higher than had been envisaged by dental experts.

So what do you do to look after your sensitive teeth?

1. Explain your pain, your symptoms, and he should be in a position to seal the sensitive area using a bonding agent — or a fluoride gel — which can be rubbed into the sensitive gums and teeth after your daily brushings. Over time, this will cure the pain which is seen from sensitive teeth.

2. Utilize a toothbrush with ultra-soft bristles; these can be found in any pharmacy or dental store. Avoid brushing your teeth at a flat method since this exposes the roots more so than with the vertical method.

3. Some toothpaste is specifically created and customized to take care of the issues of sensitive teeth.

4. If foods such as ice-lollies, or cold beverages wake you wince with pain, then avoid them as best you can. Every time you indulge in salty or sweet foods such as candy, acidic foods such as wine and grapefruit juice, chew some sugar-free gum or brush your teeth — when practical to do this — to assist the treatment progress. To look after your teeth that are sensitive, keep these things in mind.


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