Sony PlayStation Network Suffer

Sony PlayStation Network Sony’s playstation Network and retailer was once inaccessible to customers for part of Monday in the latest that you can imagine cyber attack on the ... Continue Reading →

James Franco Pokes Fun at Sony Pictures Hack

James Franco Simply days after an immense hacking assault on workers at Sony’s Hollywood studio, distributor of the new James Franco comedy a few plot to assassinate North Korean ... Continue Reading →

Cyber-Attack Is ‘Unparalleled’ Said by Sony Hack Investigator

Cyber-Attack Is Unparalleled Forensic specialists employed by way of Sony Corp to analyze the large cyber-attack at its Hollywood studio mentioned the breach used to be exceptional, ... Continue Reading →

Sony Hackers Leaked Data on 47,000 People

Sony Hackers Leaked Data The hackers who breached Sony’s laptop community have leaked sensitive private information on some 47,000 people, including celebrities, security researchers ... Continue Reading →

Apple Antitrust Trial Turns to Videotaped Deposition

Apple Antitrust Trial About 6 months prior to his death in 2011, Steve Jobs, the executive govt of Apple, gave a videotaped deposition in an antitrust case that wound its manner into ... Continue Reading →

Employees at Sony Entertainment received threatening emails From Hackers

Sony Employees Receive Email Threat Staff at Sony photos entertainment got threatening emails on Friday that claimed to be from the group that conducted a big cyber-attack on the Hollywood ... Continue Reading →

North Korea Suspect in Sony Pictures Hack Despite Denial

North Korea Still a Suspect North Korea is a primary suspect within the cyber-attack on Sony photos, a U.S. nationwide security supply informed Reuters on Thursday, whereas a North ... Continue Reading →

Sony Pictures Malware May Be Linked to Other Damaging Attacks

Sony Pictures Malware Cyber-safety researchers have uncovered what they are saying is technical evidence linking the massive breach at Sony’s Hollywood studio with attacks in ... Continue Reading →

iPod Lawsuit Against Apple

iPod Lawsuit A category-motion lawsuit is on a regular basis supposed to suggest a bunch of individuals believed to had been harmed somehow. Now, in an ordinary twist in the kind-motion ... Continue Reading →

Gangnam Style Forces YouTube

Gangnam Style Simply how giant successful was Gangnam fashion? So great that the internet actually wasn’t able to deal with it. Youtube stated that the 2012 music via South Korea’s ... Continue Reading →