Google Pixel Two and Pixel Two XL First Impressions

Killing off the Nexus lineup proved to be a bitter pill to swallow for several Android lovers, but in place of this, we obtained the Pixel series – two no-nonsense flagship smartphones ... Continue Reading →

Google Pixel 2 Launch Live Updates: High-Performance Google Pixelbook Chromebook Unveiled

Google Pixel 2 launch event — perhaps the last big smartphone launch of year — has started, with Google CEO Sundar Pichai taking the stage. Pichai has started the event ... Continue Reading →

Google Acquires Halli Labs, Bengaluru-Based AI Startup

The Bengaluru-based SIt is not clear what size Halli Labs is also, however, its center team associates like Pradhuman Jhala and also Pankaj Gupta had been earlier at market Stayzilla.  ... Continue Reading →

Google to Teach School Kids About Online Safety

Google is spearheading an educational campaign to teach pre-teen children how to protect themselves from predators scams and other trouble. The program announced Tuesday is called ... Continue Reading →

Page crashes stocks and Google crashes car

For a company that seems to have been given ‘Buy’ ratings by everyone who’s anyone, it was a comical last month to see the price of Alphabet Inc shares, the parent company of ... Continue Reading →

Google’s First Self-Driving Car

A Google self-using auto-mobile side-swiped a bus this month, the primary blemish on the in any other case spotless using document of the organisation’s cars. Google’s 53 ... Continue Reading →

First ‘Android N’ Screenshot suggestions Settings Navigation Drawer

We might be months far from the release of Google’s next Android OS version however a state-of-the-art screenshot may additionally have provided the primary take a look at the ... Continue Reading →

Protect Your Google Calculate With Countersign Fly Telephone for Plate

Protect Your Google Password Google, in a bid to improved online warrantee for its users, has introduced a new phone for its Plate browser titled Password Signaling. The pedagogy’s ... Continue Reading →

Google Unveils Patent purchase application

Google Google said it might launch an experimental portal that enables patent holders to sell their patents to the company. Patent holders can inform Google in regards to the patents ... Continue Reading →

Google Chromebook Pixel 2 Coming Soon

Google Chromebook Pixel 2 Google has  confirm at Monday that second generation Chromebook will be coming soon, also said Chrome OS flagship laptop will be lunched at limited numbers. Chromebook ... Continue Reading →