Far Cry 4 Aims for New Heights

 Far Cry 4 Ubisoft is out to build on the success of its some distance Far Cry video game franchise with a new installment promising avid gamers extra alternatives and smarter enemies ... Continue Reading →

Sony announces New Uncharted, littlebigplanet video games and more at E3 2014

Sony Corp. Announced Monday that it is bringing new installments of the well-liked video-sport franchises “Uncharted” and “littlebigplanet” to the ps4 because ... Continue Reading →

Ubisoft Stokes the Fires of Controversy With some Far Cry 4 divulge

Some Far Cry 4, “probably the most expansive and immersive a Far Cry expertise ever,” will set avid gamers unfastened in the breathtaking Himalayas. Ubisoft has introduced that ... Continue Reading →