Swatch looking for to dam Apple’s logos for iwatch name


Amidst a variety of speculation that we will see the launch of Apple’s iwatch in 2014, a document in 9to5mac suggests that the company may face criminal difficulties over the title. In step with the document, Swiss watchmaker Swatch is seeking to dam Apple’s emblems for the name iwatch as a result of the similarity it bears to their very own trademark, iswatch.

On the grounds that 2013, Apple has been trademarking the iwatch identify in more than one countries, and at this point of time, it appears not likely that they’re going to go in for an incredible trade in name.

Then again, Swatch has a history of moving to dam the name iwatch prior to now, as per US executive filings, and bearing in mind that the software is anticipated to be a watch like wearable, it can be a cheap difficulty for Swatch.

It is possible although that Apple and Swatch will attain a contract, very similar to Apple has completed prior to now. In 2007, Apple settled with Cisco, which already had a Voice over IP cellphone known as the iphone. Similarly, in 2012, Apple had to pay $60 million to settle a dispute over the ownership of the ipod identifies and in 2013, the corporate was once denied in a bid to register the iphone trademark in Brazil.

For Apple, ever for the reason that imac, the “device” naming scheme has emerge as the anticipated norm, and persons are likely to react better to the title iwatch than anything with a unique naming scheme. In fact, the company has various criminal experiences by way of now – with cases against everyone from Samsung to Motorola to the use executive.

With competitors on the smart watch front incessantly rising, Apple has to unlock their own smartwatchsoon, and if they’re going to name it the iwatch, then the company will want to reply to Swatch quick, or chance giving an excessive amount of floor to the competitors.


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