Sony’s New Tech may enable 185TB Magnetic Tapes


Sony has disclosed small print about a future magnetic tape product with a view to have the ability to dangle 185TB of knowledge, or the an identical of virtually 3,800 twin-layer Blu-ray discs, in a package the size of present-day cassettes. The tape subject matter can store 148 GB per square inch, which is the world’s perfect areal recording density, consistent with the company.

The brand new tape would be capable of store seventy two occasions as so much knowledge per sq. Inch as current magnetic tapes. Sony has accomplished this using a brand new delicate magnetic under layer for tapes on which Nano-scale particles can be deposited with uniform crystalline orientation. The method is conducted with the aid of using a “sputter method” of thin-film deposition, by which electrostatic discharges pressure Argon ions to collide with the magnetic substrate, forming the info layer. Sony’s new magnetic crystals measure 7nm on average, whereas present-day crystals are “several tens of nanometers” in dimension, consistent with the corporate.

The primary enhance has been making the under layer smooth, with a thickness of lower than 5 micrometers. This permits crystals deposited by the vacuum sputter deposition course of to lie more uniformly, and with less model in dimension. Existing tape surfaces are rough, resulting in non-uniform deposition, limiting the scope for growing increased densities. The document of 148 GB per square inch was executed all over experimentation, and further enhancements are still conceivable.

Using the dimensions of a regular LTO Ultrium tape cartridge, Sony postulates that it is going to be conceivable to create 185TB cartridges with this new subject material. That amount of house could be enough to store as much music as 1,184 160GB ipods (which is greater than any individual could hearken to of their whole lifetime), even though eventual merchandise of this sort could be aimed at massive-scale data centers, now not private use.

LTO (Linear Tape Open) cartridges are widely used for long-time period knowledge archival and backups lately, despite the fact that equivalent cassettes have fallen out of favor for consumer applications. The reasonably low learn and write speeds and big latency because of the linear nature of tape spools make cartridges unsuitable for direct storage or server applications. With LTO-6, the current same old, usual sized cartridges can hold 2.5TB. Cartridges themselves are somewhat reasonably priced, but the tape drives required to read and write to them will also be prohibitively dear.

With the large explosion of information stored in cloud storage services, in line with Sony, constant backups have transform more and more troublesome to deal with, and customers still want the ability to recuperate them swiftly following any more or less disaster. Organizations that want to transport large quantities of data between locations would also have the ability to use the brand new products.

Sony has now not detailed any plans to launch products in response to its new know-how, or the speeds, capacities and price ranges it might be aiming for. The corporate has stated that additional research on the supplies is ongoing, but there is no information about when precise commercial merchandise may make it to markets.

In March this year, Sony and Panasonic had announced a new Archival Disk format, which would permit for 300GB to be saved on a single disc. The plans referred to as for evolution of the standard to permit 500GB and then 1TB per disc, while retaining backward compatibility.


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