Social Media Optimization Procedure


If you have access to video editing software and a smartphone, it’s not difficult to create awesome video content for social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are ideal for sharing this type of content. This is mainly because more people are attracted to video content. So, in order to speak the language of your people, you need to communicate in a way that they’ll truly listen to. Consider these steps as you create viral video content for social media.Image result for Social Media Optimization Procedure

1. Record lots of footage.
Before you press the record button, make sure the camera lens is clean. You want footage that’s clear and it’s easy to get the lens dirty with smudges. A simple swipe with a cotton fabric will clean it easily. Hold the camera horizontally. When you record this way, the footage fills the screen. If you’ve ever seen videos where there is a black area on each side, it’s because the person recorded vertically.

2. Edit the footage.
If you’re a beginner with this process, consider using a simple app like iMovie. It’s easy to learn and play with. As you record lots of footage, you can mix and match what you like to put it all in a minute-long video for a platform like Instagram. Furthermore, it’s important to know your theme and what you’d like to communicate in your video.

3. Add music.
Music always adds a fun touch to videos. One of the safest routes to choose involves the use of artist-approved music. Don’t use music without the artist’s permission or it can get taken down. You can opt to join networks that offer samples and instrumentals. If there’s a popular song you really like listening to, you can always play the instrumental version in the back of your videos.

4. Use graphics.
Download an app like PicMonkey to your phone. You can easily create word graphics, edit pictures and create tons of fun graphics to add to your video footage. Just make sure that everything looks cohesive. When all the visuals are consistent, it makes your brand a lot more professional and polished.

Admittedly, this process can be a tad bit time-consuming. This is why it’s always helpful to outsource the social media optimization efforts. If you sit down with a marketer, share your vision and allow them to execute the vision, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a brand that resonates on social media without having to do a lot of heavy lifting. Even still, it’s good to know the process and be able to put together content. Whether it’s video, graphics or a blog post, it’s good to be able to compile signature content that’ll intrigue your audience.


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