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Notwithstanding the arguably negative impact of social media on people today, according to the Daily Mail’s opinion, social networks are becoming more and more powerful. So are marketing opportunities for businesses. Business owners use social media sites as another channel to implement their branding and marketing strategies. If you think that it’s time for you to use this channel too, you will need to find out a few important things.

Simple Social Media Tips for Beginners

Let’s begin with the basics. What is social media marketing? Simply said, it’s all about using your company’s online profiles with marketing goals. There are many subtleties and tricks that help those goals be achieved, but they are all built on and around the fundamentals of social media business owners should know. Here they are.

#1 Search Is Your Everything

In order to gain followers’ attention, your must create an engaging media product. If you do want to use social media for business effectively, it will be wise for you to start with studying your audience and analyzing their interests, which could be easily done with a search option available on all platforms. When searching, ask yourself the following question: What lacks out there that could interest them?

You should aim at relevant groups – “travelers,” “dieticians,” or “vegans” – that make up your target audience. Find a catchy personality and scan his or her Facebook likes. Understanding what your potential customers are interested in will help you decide what kind of content they will love.

#2 Offer Some Value for Free

Let’s follow the example of such companies as Being a professional academic writing service, they not only offer students to order custom papers but also give free access to an exclusive database of pre-written unique papers. This increases trust around their brand and makes the customers feel that they are respected and valued. So, when promoting your services through social media platforms, don’t neglect to offer something for free, be it some exclusive content, service, or product. Let everyone know about it on all your online profiles, and the results may impress you.

#3 Visual Data and Its Impact

Visual perception has always been dominant in a human’s mind. In case you don’t know, the better part of all the information is perceived through our eyes. So, why don’t you use this fact in your social media marketing strategy? Embed images, videos, infographic medias, and other visual elements in your posts, but make sure they all are relevant to the content and appealing to the eye.

Experiment with types of content you provide. Let’s imagine you have a text post in your blog – a stylistically wonderful, magnetic, and interesting set of sentences. But what if you deliver the message by means of pictures drawn with your hand? What about recording an audio track, possibly with some sound effects to create a more powerful impression? Why not make an e-book presenting your old posts under a new angle? Use your creativity to boost the interest of your audience.

#4 Planning Is Crucial

Every social platform is designed for different needs, which is why you must post different types of content on different platforms. To avoid confusion and repetition, you should have a plan, which may look like this:

  • What are the channel’s name and function? (LinkedIn, business and employment)
  • How will this channel be connected with other channels? (external links to other social platforms, share buttons)
  • What are the structure and tone of posts? (informative how-to guide)
  • Who is your target audience? (young people, women)
  • What is the desired action of the customer? (signing up, visiting your official website through a link)
  • What is the end goal? (sales, better customer experience)
  • What is the predominant type of content? (logical infographics, emotion-provoking videos, aesthetic pictures)

Monitor the features of the more successful content, track down the trends in info expression, language structures, the tone used, etc. Following the suit of the booming material is the first step up the Everest of social media marketing. And your creativity based on the perfection of your analytical thinking is the next one.

#5 Regular Content Has Its Value

There is a number of useful tools, both free and not, that help you manage your posting schedule. Why do you need them? Because being regular matters. You shouldn’t make your audience wait for the next post – they just need to know when to expect some updates from you, and you will have them looking forward to that.

“Regular” also means “quite often.” Publishing new content once a week, even if it’s a long and quality piece of content, is not a good idea. You may feel you lack ideas for regular posts with substantial information. Yet, it doesn’t always have to be such important information as a buying guide to one of your products, which is written based on a thorough research you have been doing the whole day. Relax a bit. Free your creative mind and create whatever you can create for less than an hour. Small, entertaining, fun, and light content can prove to gain a good share of your audience’s attention.

#6 Tools for Data Analysis Are Helpful

Not every piece of the content you publish will catch as much attention as you expected. To understand what your followers liked more, you can use data analysis tools. For example, Followerwonk, Buffer, ViralWoot, Quintly or BuzzSumo. Make it a habit to never post new content without having analyzed what you have already posted before. This way, you will be able to improve its quality and increase the number of views, likes, shares, sales, etc.

#7 To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag?

There’s a tendency popular among ordinary users of social media platforms today – hashtagging “just because” and “why not?”. You as a business owner shouldn’t follow it. It somewhat decreases the value of the info posted. Choose an exact and easy-to-remember set of symbols that will stick in the readers’ minds and be associated with your brand or a particular campaign. Even such a small thing can give a real boost to the attention around your product.

#8 Laconic and Precise Texts Win

Although you really need to inform the reader, social media posting is the very case when less is more. You shouldn’t write big essays assignments in your post. Search for Seth Godin’s blog as an example (if you haven’t done that yet). How many sentences does he have in one paragraph? That’s an example of simple messages expressed in a short and clear manner. In the world of opinions and opinions about opinions, such an easy and captivating writing style works miracles. So, give the reader all the information you want but do it with respect to their time.

#9 SMM Works Better When Your Channels Are Resourceful

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What do you think about your company’s online profiles? If they don’t look resourceful for you, it’s the right time to turn them into a source of inspiration, education, delight, and entertainment for everyone who visits them.

Digital marketing is a tough challenge in terms of time and productivity. And here are a few more oldie but goldie rules to keep in mind. They are extremely simple but still effective:

  1. Do you want to talk about that?
    Digital marketing involves talking and communicating certain messages, but it also requires you to listen. Pay attention to the demands and expectations of your target audience, learn what is crucial for them, discuss if there is something they want to find out with your help.
  2. You’re not a genius and don’t have to be
    How many Leonardos/ Napoleons/Caesars did we have? Yes, only one unique genius per a terribly long period of time. The good news is that you don’t need to be a genius; all you need is to know your industry as an expert, and the content you publish will show your audience how professional you are.
  3. Toil.
    Whatever business you do, chances are very low that you simply wake up one morning to find that you’re successful. It’s a long road to success, and SMM is only a tiny (yet important) part of it. Analyzing your target audience and turning it into your fandom takes time. So, be patient, hold on, and don’t stop analyzing and improving your profiles.
  4. Circles on water
    A simple metaphor represents how social media works – if you influence one person, they may influence 10 who can influence 1000. Quality followers work for you and promote your business just like you; it’s a mysterious process, but it does work. Let this inspire you while you think of the material for your next post.


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