SnapJet Can Scan & Print Pictures




The snap jet is a scanner and printer no longer a lot bigger than a smartphone that scans images directly from your smartphone reveal and prints them out on Polaroid 300 or Fujifilm Instax paper.

“Smartphone shows like iphone’s retina display have completed amazing resolutions and they are all in moderation color corrected. The sunshine emitted from them might produce a gorgeous print on speedy film – if simplest there used to be a option to center of attention that light,” writes the snap jet crew on its website.

“Snap jet combines vintage analog quick film and chopping-part fibre optic technology to do exactly that. It’s a brand new reinvention of an attractive, inventive and expressive medium,” they added.

The makers declare a resolution of 1200 dots per inch (dpi) for the scanner.

SnapJet Can Scan and Print Pictures Of Your Phone Screen

The swish computer makes use of optical fibers instead of a lens to scan pictures and is suitable with all telephone sizes.

Just position your cellphone face down on the snap jet and it’ll finish the work.

The builders hope to make their next printer seven-mm thick and notice to it that it does not require a charger.

It’s available for $129 (Rs. 7,960) and transport to India is simplest $18 (Rs. 1,110).

The makers hope to deliver it via December 2015 so it’ll take as a minimum a 12 months to get your fingers on the product.