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We all need a well-functioning furnace to keep us warm on those cold winter nights and days. However, there does come a time when old faithful may stop keeping us warm. We need to know what signs to look for when the furnace is about to retire for good. Luckily, there are some key things that you can look for that will tell you if you need to replace your furnace.

Expensive Utility Bills
If you notice your utility bills creeping up, you may need to pay more attention to your furnace. If your furnace is running more or constantly cycling on off, you may be consuming more energy. Even your furnace should run efficiently yet still keep you warm. Pay attention to the number of times your furnace cycles on and off.

It doesn’t take sludge dewatering equipment to see that your furnace is struggling. If your furnace squeaks and groans when it runs you may have a problem with your blower motor. This can be an expensive repair. Weigh the cost of repair against replacing the entire furnace, particularly if it’s old. It may be better to replace the whole thing.

The Older Furnace
Ten years is a long time to keep the same furnace around. In fact, many older furnaces don’t have the same energy-saving features that the newer ones do. This often results in higher utility bills. If you have a furnace that’s more than a decade old, it may be unsafe to operate due to its old parts. Sometimes, it’s best to go with something newer for the sake of safety and economy.

It may be time to put your old furnace out of its misery. Buying a new furnace will help you to save on utility costs as well as heat and cool your home more efficiently. You can thank that dear old furnace for all its faithful years of service but you still may need to tell it goodbye. Consider the signs and replace your furnace if it’s time. Nothing is meant to last forever, and parts do wear out, given enough time and use. The initial cost of a new furnace may seem expensive, however, it will save you money down the line when it comes to your utility bills.


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