Slower SSD performance in 2014 Macbook Air Attributed to dealer combines


Contradicting prior experiences that Apple has used slower ssds in its 2014 macbook Air refresh, news website online Macromeres has printed data indicating that the variance detected in preliminary benchmark was once as a result of Apple’s follow of sourcing ssds from a couple of carriers, reasonably than sourcing completely different ssds totally.

Apple has shipped macbook Airs with ssds made by means of Samsung, sandisk or Toshiba, with none distinction indicated to customers. Early benchmark outcomes reported through multiple sources had indicated that there was a significant pace distinction between the 2013 and 2014 macbook Air models, however Macromeres attributes this to the fact that different drives from totally different carriers have been tested.

It’s conceivable that Apple requires a minimum stage of efficiency from every seller however accepts fashions which exceed that level, leading to discrepancies throughout the product line. More recent benchmarks conducted with the aid of different World Computing, which has identified the particular SSD models used in its 2013 and 2014 macbook Air gadgets, point out close to-similar efficiency between the two using Black magic Disk speed check. OWC is run by using, a supplier of 0.33-birthday celebration upgrades together with the PCI-express ssds used in Apple’s latest computers.

OWC’s findings contradict those of Misword, which had discovered that unusual file compression, decompression and copy operations took up to thrice as lengthy on the newer fashions. Misword had when put next quite a lot of models with 128GB and 256GB drives, each 11-inch and 13-inch, the use of actual-world operations in addition to the same benchmark utility. Even accounting for the velocity enhancements inherent to higher ssds, vital variance used to be detected. Then again, macworld’s test gadgets weren’t all uniform with regards to SSD vendor.



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