Skin Pigmentation Remedies and After Effects of the Treatments


    Many of your skin worries can be easily remedied at home. There’s a skin clinic right in your kitchen and the following are some of the remedies for skin pigmentation.

    Potato Treatment

    Potatoes besides being a versatile vegetable are also great for skin lightening. Without much effort, one can easily lighten skin with potatoes.
    Method- Slice a potato and apply water drops on these slices. Now rub these potato slices on the pigmented area and leave there for about half an hour. Alternatively, one can also grate the potato and squeeze its juice which can be applied to the pigmented area of skin. It should be rinsed off with warm water after half an hour.

    Lemon and Cucumber

    While lemon helps in skin lightening, cucumber gives a cooling effect and this remedy is great for summers. Lemon is knows to a natural bleaching agent and by itself is great for treating pigmentation. Leaving them onto skin everyday for around 20 minutes will give definite results in some time.
    Papaya, guava and banana are some other skin lightening agents which are natural and work wonders on your skin!

    Clinical treatments and their after effects:

    Skin specialists can be consulted if the above mentioned remedies do not give desired results. Treatments like laser toning, skin polishing and oxy polishing can give quick results.

    Though the natural remedies are side-effect-free, there might be some side-effects to skin treatments like laser. The effects recede after some time so there is nothing much to worry about.

    One should be cautious before opting for any cosmetic procedure especially laser treatments, as these are intensive procedures, and may cause side effects like-

    Although anaesthetics are applied before the laser treatment starts, there might be some pain or discomfort after the procedure.

    Redness or swelling

    Redness and swelling may be caused by some laser treatments and they can take months to reduce leaving your skin slightly pinkish till it completely heals over a period of few months.


    Some procedures may cause itching but it usually goes away within a few days.

    Sensitivity to the sun

    Laser skin treatment can cause skin sensitivity towards the sun. Therefore it is recommended that at least for a few days one should stay out of the sun after any laser treatment to prevent any photo damage to the skin.

    Recurrence of the skin issue

    Laser treatments need to be taken in sessions and a time procedure may not help you in getting rid of pigmentation altogether. Chances are that the skin condition may reappear.

    With so much pollution and ultra-violet rays of the sun, our skin needs to breathe and skin treatments can be refreshing and rejuvenating. Whether one goes for natural procedures or clinical treatments, they are quite beneficial for our skin.


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