Review : The Best URL Shortener for Earnings


URL shortening is a process of reducing the spaces used in writing the URL for better and more efficient sharing. Nowadays, this process is used for monetary gain by many on the internet. The idea is a basic advertisement plan for major companies that generate revenue due to advertisements. is one website that has special applications of URL shortening that tie up the link with a five second long advertisement that the viewer or the reader is asked to watch before being redirected to the blog or page connected to the clicked link. The blogger is given a particular amount of money based on the clicks obtained on the shared link.

How to Make $$$ a Month Easily Without a Blog

Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money links Blogger’s Paradise: is a European company that can be used by bloggers to its full potential in assisting them to make money just by following a simple few steps right from home. The user needs to register as a recognized user on the website either directly or by linking the user’s facebook account to it. After doing this, the user can go and shorten any kind of blog or page’s URL using the account that is has no expiry date. Then, the shortened link that is connected to an ad is shared by the user on various forms of social media. When a person clicks on the shared link, each click is noted down and the user receives a particular amount of money according to the fixed rates that differs from one country to another.

How You Can Earn More : is not just a blogger’s privilege. The applications of this website can be used by various people from all backgrounds. The user can shorten the URL of something as simple as an image on a social media like facebook or a Video URL from YouTube. These can be shortened and shared. The only thing user needs to do after this is wait and watch.

If the user does not own any blog of this kind, the website also offers a list of a particular number of referrals. These referrals are connected and affiliated to The user can make use of these links by shortening them and sharing on various websites. The user will be given a cut worth 20% of the earnings pertaining to the clicks on these links.

Methods of Payment:

How to Make $$$ a Month Easily Without a Blog

Payments are also done in a fairly simple manner. The companies affiliated make sure that the payment is given right on time without the slightest delay. The amount is fixed for about a 1000 likes generally. This amount varies from a value of $0.28 to $1.66 from one country to another per every thousand likes.

This amount is credited to the user if and only if he owns a paypal or a payoneer account with all the settings updated. The payments will be given to this paypal account on the tenth day every month. The only necessity is that the user’s revenue must exceed a minimum value of just $5. If this minimum value is not reached for a month, the earnings are just added up to the next month and credited when the value is finally reached.

Verdict: is one of the most easily accessible and user friendly URL shorteners out there. It is also highly reliable. Go on and use it to make some profits.