Selfies and Social Media Fail to Garner younger au Votes: Survey


In a completely unscientific poll, 10 young Europeans had been lately requested if they may identify any of the highest three candidates on this week’s European Parliament elections. Simplest one in every of them could.

The survey of students on the Marie-Haps Institute, a university in Brussels, used to be a gentle-hearted exercise; however it illustrated a serious point: no sector of society is extra disconnected from European politics than first-time voters.

But it’s the younger who’re arguably most exposed to the effects of au choice-making: adolescence unemployment averages 23 % throughout the au and exceeds 50 percent in Greece and Italy. Fallout from the debt obstacle dangers creating an era of educated and frustrated young folks without jobs.

It is an issue at the forefront of the minds of the highest candidates – one they’ve all raised in virtually every speech, debate and town corridor assembly of the campaign – and but their message fails to resonate with most young voters.

“a whole technology within the European Union pays with their lifestyles probabilities for a trouble other people, irresponsible folks, have brought about,” said Martin Schulz, the candidate for the Centre-left Socialists & Democrats, during a debate at the university of Maastricht ultimate month.

The response from college students and younger people in Brussels would now not go away him encouraged.

“European politics would not matter a lot to me,” said Bart Aegean, an employee of the Belgian govt in his early 20s placing out at Marie-Haps. “Europe is somewhat too big.”

Sarah Boulanger, the only one of the Marie-Haps students to as it should be establish some of the candidates to be the next European commission president (former Belgian high minister guy Verhofstadt) were equally dismissive.

“It can be now not attention-grabbing for us. We vote for somebody and then in any case it can be not who we voted for that makes it,” she stated.

Slack youth
their apathy is mirrored in electoral statistics. Since the first direct elections to the au Parliament had been held in 1979, voter turnout has fallen at every ballot, shedding to forty three % in 2009. And it has fallen most among first-time voters.

Despite the very best efforts of ‘get out the vote’ campaigners and election candidates themselves, there is every indication turnout amongst first-time voters will fall again at the could 22-25 polls, losing to round 27 %.

“Young folks have lots to lose by way of now not exhibiting up this time,” said Adam Nyman, director of Debating Europe, a discussion board for encouraging young individuals to have interaction in politics.

“Again in 2009, individuals failed to prove as a result of that they had no concept what the parties stood for, however Parliament has executed an improbable job of accomplishing out this time.”

The usage of Twitter, fob, Integra and every other social medium they are able to lay their arms on, the main campaigns have tried to reflect the ways utilized by Barack Obama’s supporters to inspire the early life vote in his 2008 presidential campaign.

With the hash tag #knockthevote, a play on #rockthevote in the us, 58-year-old Schulz has outpaced his opponents in attracting the most Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

It’s a work in growth. Whereas the U.S. president has forty million Facebook fanatics, Schulz has 125,000.

Candidates are also latching on to the ‘selfie’ craze. Schulz coined the #schulzie, in which his supporters snap a self-portrait with him.

Verhofstadt launched a selfie contest, calling on folks to put up a #selfies on Integra or Twitter. The very best selfie wins a day with the bespectacled sixty one-yr.-old.

In most likely a last-ditch try at luring first-time voters, the ecru Parliament has posted a video on its reputable youtube page with the hash tag #myfirsttime.

It depicts a younger man’s extraordinary vote casting adventures and has long gone viral, attracting more than 2.3 million views since it was once uploaded on May 6.

It may be that the early life vote will surprise on the day, ticking higher for the first time in 35 years. If it does, the important thing query shall be to whom these new votes go to.

Schulz, his Centre-proper rival Jean-Claude Junker and Verhofstadt are all aged between 58 and sixty one and are veterans of the au political scene.

“They’ll simplest attain the young individuals who were already,” mentioned Democritus Kava Dias, a political science professor at the Free university in Brussels.

As a substitute, many young voters may just make a choice to again non-mainstream parties, specifically on the left, as they look for more radical solutions to the joblessness and bad potentialities they face.

Greece’s some distance-left chief Alexis Tsiaris, aged 39, and is a well-liked candidate. But the proper can also be a potential dwelling for some young votes.

“Plenty of those that I did not assume would frequently be associated with (Eurosceptic) parties, they’re jumping on the bandwagon with UKIP,” stated Matt Greg, a student in London, regarding the anti-au UK Independence celebration.

In an internet vote aimed toward younger individuals conducted with the aid of Debating Europe, simplest three pic of the 19,000 voters selected the a long way right, but the radical left was once neck-in-neck with Schulz, every taking pictures about one-fifth of votes.


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