Recover Your Deleted Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free


When files are removed from the computer, some of its parts are not instantaneously deleted. Windows just show the space of hard disk is accessible for use by altering a character in the file table so that data access will not be showed on My PC or a command line DIR command, etc. So it is thinkable to restore the files with a firm and effectual data recovery before new data overwrites the place.

As soon as you would try to restore data, data recovery software is always going to be more fruitful. If your hard disk is extremely loaded, the probabilities are greater that Windows will grasp your valuable unallocated area for its next transcribe. Or if someone defrags the hard drive, there might be the danger of empty space overwritten by new data in hard drive and lose your chance to restore data.

So, the thumb rule of preventing from complete data wipe is to DISCONTINUE OPERATIONS THAT SYSTEM IMMEDIATELY! Insert the hard disk to any other PC as a secondary internal hard disk. Then boot another PC to install data recovery software. We recommend you to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.


Review and Versions:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a special purpose software that enables user to restore files that have been lost or removed. There could be many factors that can involve in data to be lost such as viruses, crashes or even unexpected power offs. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free does not replace the requirement to back up your data elsewhere.


  • Ability to recover files that have been previously deleted or lost.
  • It has three different modes to assist you in retrieving data or partitions.
  • Ability to hunt for lost files by specific data type(s) or all files.
  • Ability to preview files prior to retrieval.
  • Ability to retrieve more than one file at once.
  • Easy to understand wizard.
  • It can also recover data from USB drives, external drives, memory cards, MP3 players, digital cameras, and more.


  • Displays previously existing files in scan outcomes.
  • It is limited to partitions/drives on NTFS/FAT file systems. If you want an ability to search for files on EXT2/3, you need to purchase Data Recovery Wizard Professional.
  • Pro Version has considerable high prices identifier.

Modes of Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has 3 modes:

Delete File Recovery:

This approach lets you recuperate files you just deleted. It scans rapidly but does not suppose it to catch anything other than newly deleted files because that is not what this mode is intended for. The reason of this as an “undelete” piece.

Complete Recovery

This feature enable you to recuperate files if your hard disk/partition was formatted, or not working, etc. It looks for freshly removed files (i.e. from the MFT) but also gazes “under the file system” and attempts to retrieve files that were deleted during a format, crashing of computer or other.

This software also detects previous partitions made. ‘Complete Recovery’ do a deep scan. This is why it takes significantly longer than ‘Delete File Recovery’ mode.

Partition Recovery

This mode enables you to recover deleted partitions. Nevertheless, you do not accurately recover the partition. Somewhat it searches the partitions and allows you to recover files from it.


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