Radio telescopes on Earth will beam 90,000 messages to Mars


nasa_concept_image_sending_hello_message_mars.jpgEarthlings to Send 90,000 Hellos to Mars


Radio telescopes on this planet will beam 90,000 messages to Mars on Friday to commemorate the launch 50 years in the past of the primary robotic probe to visit the planet.

A U.S. area funding firm referred to as Uwingu equipped the extraterrestrial shout-out to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Nasa’s Mariner 4 mission and to raise dollars for its other projects.

Uwingu’s “Beam Me To Mars” initiative invited members to send digital radio-wave transmissions of their names, messages and pictures to Mars for charges ranging from $5 to $99.

The hassle attracted a few celebrities including actor and comic Seth green and actor George Takei, who portrayed Mr. Sulu on the television collection “megastar Trek.”

The transmission is scheduled to start just after 3 p.m. EST/2000 GMT on Friday. Traveling at the speed of sunshine, the messages will take quarter-hour to succeed in Mars. The whole transmission will likely be repeated twice.

Whereas there is no one on Mars to reply to the decision, undertaking organizers say that’s beside the point.

Radio telescopes on Earth will beam 90,000 messages to Mars on Friday

Copies of the messages shall be brought to Congress, to Nasa headquarters in Washington, and the United nations in new York as a convey of fortify for space exploration.

“Though nobody is on Mars but to receive the messages, right here on this planet people will hear them loud and clear,” Uwingu wrote on the venture website online.

Uwingu, mentioned “oo-wing-goo” because of this “sky” in Swahili, is a privately owned company that raises cash to fund space research and educational outreach tasks.

Considering Mariner four’s a hit flyby of Mars, returning the first pictures of the planet’s floor, greater than 20 other spacecraft have efficiently visited, orbited or landed on this planet’s surface.

Nasa currently has three orbiters and 2 rovers engaged on Mars, and the eu area company and India each have one Mars orbiter.

The lengthy-time period goal of the U.S. house application is to land astronauts on the pink Planet