Piano Tuning and how to go about it?


If you have a piano sitting at your home, you might have wondered many a time why it flaunts such a heavy construction – haven’t you? It is solely because of the fact that a piano has to bear a huge amount of force that tries to break it into two. And a frame of cast iron helps to neutralise the tension of the strings. Under such circumstances, you might not mind a professional piano tuner tuning your piano!

But why would you possibly call a professional for tuning your piano when you don’t even call one for your car maintenance? Well, car maintenance is one thing and piano tuning another. Even when you feel that you’re an expert at piano tuning, try and give a professional a chance because the said process is a complex one. You may not have realised it but it sure demands perseverance and that too, a great deal of it. You can be adept at changing the oil or the spark plugs. Nonetheless, tuning no less than two hundred or more high-tension wires is an altogether different matter. Think about it. You can, however, try your hand at tuning a piano if you’re extremely keen on it. But it’s important to keep in mind that only a professional is aware of the wide range of knowledge and required skills.

The current condition of a particular piano is a key aspect in this regard. I will assume here that you are in possession of a piano whose maintenance, sadly, hasn’t been a priority for you lately. Now I don’t blame you; work can overwhelm the best of us at times. Also, you might be intimidated by the cost of professional piano tuning which is why you have been delaying it effectively since as long as you can remember. But your piano needs fixing straight away and you know it, don’t you? The neglected frame of a piano is sure to breed weak spots; consequently you run the risk of a piano falling down violently in on itself. Imagine you having your hand inside your piano right at the moment! I’m guessing you won’t be much fond of such state of affairs! Therefore, let a skilled piano tuner do his work. He will inevitably be able to identify the danger signs much, much easily. Remember he is called an ‘expert’ for a reason!

But are you very interested on learning piano tuning, no matter how much it tests your patience? In that case, you can proceed only when a piano technician has vouched on your piano’s health. It may so happen that you begin learning the process and leave it halfway. For the process encompasses a method of setting the pins in a way so as to encourage tuning longevity and put a check on the piano sounding disagreeable, for as long as possible. Though piano tuning is not painless to learn, it is completely worth it – to say the least.


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