Pancha Mahabhutas – 5 Elements of Life


Pancha Mahabhutas – 5 Elements of Life

In Ayurveda, It is believed that the elements and functioning of nature are similar to the elements and functioning of our body. Pancha Mahabhuta hypothesis expresses that everything in the physical creation is made out of these 5 components. The principal component that comes to presence is Akash (Ether). It is the most extensive and less concrete of all. The next component determined is Vayu (Air) followed by Agni (Fire), Jala (water) and Prithvi (earth).

  1. Akash (Ether): When we say Ether, words like space or a vast openness rings a bell. Akash implies having a cavity with flexibility to move. The tanmatra of ether component is Shabda (Sound). At whatever point, there is minimization of particles, we get a dull sound on tapping.
  2. Vayu (Air): Air is the vaporous type of issue which is portable and dynamic. Thoughtfully anything that moves or transported does as such on account of this Mahabhuta. In living creatures, this Mahabhuta is a noteworthy constituent of Vata dosha Vayu or air takes after Akash in the chain of importance of creation.
  3. Agni (Fire): Also known as tejas in Sanskrit, it provides the space to exist within. It is because of the presence of vayu (air) that agni (fire) can never remain static. It is the generator of energy in the body and provides the body with the ability to digest food in a proper manner. It is also responsible for keeping our metabolism active and healthy.
  4. Jala (Water): Known as “apas’’ in Sanskrit, and evolves from air, water and fire elements. It flows in a fluid manner and as it grows denser it becomes cool and starts to take a greater form. It aids in the experience of taste and helps in the recovery and healing process of the body.
  5. Prithvi (earth): As a fifth element in the list of five elements of nature, prithvi is manifested from all the other four elements of akash, vayu, agni and jala. The presence of earth element in the body is deeply connected with its ability to smell. Through the nose we take in the scent and any absence of this element can be taken as a sign of disorder or illness. It forms the foundation for the development and growth of tissues in the body and so it would not be incorrect to say that the well-being and health of the body is entirely dependent on this element.

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