Outsourced Fulfillment VS In-house Fulfillment


During holiday season, most of the store owners get a lot more orders than usual, and some problems may emerge at this time. Fulfill the order by yourself or outsource it to third party company, this is one of the most important decisions to make. Well, they both have advantages.

Outsourced order fulfillment is hassle-free.


If you decide to fulfill the orders by yourself and build an in-house fulfillment team, it means you have to pull some time and energy away from your core business. Outsource it to a third-party company can cut all the hassles.

To fulfill orders by yourself, you need:

Experienced staff. It may sound easy to receive goods, put them on shelves, pick&pack and ship them out, but you will find the process full of pitfalls. For example, the fulfillment will drag the increasing business down if your packing isn’t fast enough or full of mistakes. Experienced staff can make a lot of differences.

Efficient warehousing management. Goods come and go everyday in the warehouse, it makes the inventory management particularly hard and important. There are some software can help you manage the inventory scientifically. By the way, there are a few company, such as ChinaDivision provides free China warehouse for 3 months.

Good cooperation with multiple carriers. A wise store owner always has a plan B. Global shipping is full of changes, because it refers to policies, traffic conditions, holidays, weather in different countries. In this case, if you want to keep the shipping stable, it’s better to cooperate with multiple carriers and have more flexible shipping method. Not only that, good and long-term cooperation makes it possible to negotiate the shipping fee, which is a big money saver.

In-house fulfillment is more controllable.


If you fulfill the orders by yourself, you can ensure the procedures below are more controllable.

Promotional packing. You can use brand identity package(such as printing logo on outer package, sending inserts, gifts, promotional items) if you fulfill the orders by yourself.

Order/Shipping status monitor. Some third-party fulfillment providers can’t provide the tracking number on time and do not monitor the order for their clients. This kind of poor quality fulfillment service makes you lose the control of shipping process.

Customer satisfaction. When packing mistakes or shipping damages occur, you can deal with it more efficient with the in-house fulfillment team. This, of course, brings a better customer satisfaction.

But the word “third-party” doesn’t have to mean “lost control”, if you outsource the fulfillment to a quality, full-service third-party, it can work as seamless as your in-house fulfillment team.

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