Nasa’s Curiosity Rover to Probe Mysterious Rocks


 Probe Mysterious Rocks on Mars

The us space company has directed its Mars rover Curiosity to probe mysterious rocks on purple Planet.

The rover is presently investigating an outcrop known as Pahrump Hills at its vacation spot mountain “Mount Sharp”.

“We see a diversity of textures in this outcrop – some parts finely layered and high-quality-grained, others extra blocky with erosion-resistant ledges,” stated Curiosity deputy challenge scientist Ashwin Vasavada in a observation.

Curiosity has accomplished a reconnaissance “walkabout” of the 1st outcrop it reached on the base of “Mount Sharp” in 2013.

The scientists now need the rover to climb up through the 5.5 km mountain’s foothills to study mysterious rocks.

Nasa’s Curiosity Rover to Probe Mysterious Rocks on Mars

It bears layers of diverse textures that the mission has been studying for the reason that Curiosity acquired a drilled sample from the outcrop in September.

Curiosity landed throughout the 154-km Gale Crater in August 2012.

The mission was to resolve if Mars has ever been in a position to supporting life.

The findings printed that a place close to its landing web page known as Yellowknife Bay was a habitable lake-and-circulation device billions of years ago, pronounced.

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