Narendra Modi’s Victory Tweet becomes Most Retreated Ever from India


With the Look Saba elections winding up, a tweet from BJP chief Narendra Modi has become the most Trod tweet from India ever – consistent with Twitter India. At the time of writing, one hour after the tweet was once posted; it had been retreated 35,779 times and favorite 21,414 occasions. Right here is the tweet:

With the elections all however over and the BJP thus far seeming to be in an overwhelming majority, it can be safe to claim that lots of people within the united states wanted to express their make stronger for the birthday celebration that they voted for.

The elections had been described as the first example of a social election, and consistent with a post by Twitter India, more than fifty six million election associated tweets have been posted from January 1 until May 12 when the polls ended.

The publish has any other attention-grabbing knowledge together with a video that presentations a time lapsed heat map of tweets. Modi’s handle @narendramodi reached three. Ninety seven million followers, rising by 28 pic in view that January 1. The Aim Adam birthday celebration’s Arvin Kejriwal handle, @arvindkejriwal reached 1.seventy nine million individuals, rising by seventy nine % from the beginning of the year.

In 2012, the use elections came about, and become essentially the most tweeted about event in US political historical past. At that point, President Barack Obama had tweeted, “four extra years”, which crossed 300,000 rewets in not up to forty minutes, crossing 1/2 one million in 5 hours.

The general record still sits with the star studded selfie tweet on the Oscars, which had a million rewets via the end of an hour, which brought the term selfie to the mainstream.

What this tweet by Modi proves though, is that whereas celebrities trump politics internationally, the very reverse is correct for India.



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