Movavi Video Suite – Video Editing Tips for Newbies  


Movavi Video Suite comes with all the programs you need to create a professional video including video editing, screen recording, convert video, slideshow creation, and record audio podcast. The video editor allows you to edit out all the mistakes and add flow to your video footage. It provides a menu button called add media file for you to add videos into the timeline.

The timeline panel is designed with a drag and drop interface so any video that is dragged into this space will be opened automatically. You can make a longer movie by dragging several videos into the timeline. You can rearrange the videos in chronological order in the timeline according to the storyboard you have prepared in beforehand.

The scissor tool found in the toolbar can be used to cut out unnecessary intermittent pauses as well as the crap at the start and end of the video. Cutting out these unnecessary pauses can help to reduce the video length.

You can add some effects and transitions into the video to grab the attention of your audience. The effects and transitions are found in the second and third tab on the left respectively. You can play around with each effect and transition to see which one really contribute to your video. Click here.

The T tab is where you can find the title styles to add text to your video. You can make use of the title styles feature to create a title and ending for your video. The fade in/out transitions are useful for giving your video a nice intro and ending.

Music and sound effects can be added into the footage to create an atmosphere in the video. You can try different music track until you found the one that can effectively stir up the right emotions in the audience. Music and sound effects are added via the Add Media button.

The video editor can load image files so you can use it to create picture slideshow. It also offer an easier way to create a slideshow through a 3 steps slideshow creation wizard. You can access the screen recorder by clicking the Record computer screen on the Movavi Video Suite launcher. It is very convenient to record a particular area of your computer screen with the screen recording tool.

You must use your cross hair cursor to click on the window that you want to record. It will draw a border over the window to show that it is that area that it will record when you click on it with the cross hair cursor. You can define the size of the recording frame by manually entering the dimensions or using the preset in the Select Capture Area drop down menu.

The video converter in Movavi Video Suite can help you to batch convert your videos into another video format in just a few minutes. For example, if you have some AVI videos that you want to copy to your mobile device, you can use the video converter program to convert them into a mobile friendly format like MP4. It offers a wide range of mobile presets for different brand name of mobile devices.


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