Movavi Video Editor for Mac – Easy to Use and Powerful Video Editor Software


Many of the video editing software that are targeted towards Mac end users are expensive and not everyone can afford it. You may be looking for a video editing software that is cheap when you have already spent a lot of money to buy a Macbook laptop. Movavi Video Editor for Mac has a price tag that in the range where most people should have no problem in affording it. You will find all the classic video editing features in Movavi Video Editor for Mac.

With the Movavi Video Editor for Mac, you will be able to make the film look smooth and without any error. It is common for something to suddenly happen and ruin the video that you are filming. If you have a video editing software, you will be able to edit away these errors. It is the editing of the video that turn it into a great film.

Movavi Video Editor for Mac allows you to trim off segments of the video that do not look good. For example, when you are recording the video, the camera may shake a bit which result in that part of the video being blurry. You can remove this part of the video by positioning the red line to the starting point of the unwanted segment. Next, you must click on the scissor trimming tool and select the segment that you want to remove and press the Delete key on the keyboard.

You can add transitions to make a fast paced video look smooth. Besides editing the video, you will be able to edit the audio flow in the video. You can replace the old audio track with a new and better audio track that can improve the experience of the audience.

When you add a video into the timeline, you will be able to see the length of the video and audio tracks. You can set the audio track to start and end at a specified time frame. Movavi Video Editor for Mac allows you to remove black bars that are appearing in your video. To remove the black bars, you have to go to Project Settings and select a frame size with similar frame aspect ratio. You can enter the frame size manually if you are not able to find an appropriate frame size in the preset list.

Movavi Video Editor for Mac is the perfect software for you to capture a screen video. You will be able to record your own voice talking in the video. You can do a screen recording on a selected part of the screen or the entire screen. If your voice is too loud, you can adjust it during the video editing.

To make adjustment on the volume level, you must go to the audio tab and select the audio file. After selecting the audio file, you can click on the speaker icon to adjust the volume level. You can also rotate segments of the video by selecting them and clicking on the rotate button.


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