Most Effective Psychology Tips to Improve your Life and Make People Like You


Most psychology majors and psychologists have simple tips that they suggest to patients and clients to help them deal with problems and troubles in life without breaking down. There are several tips that you can follow to ensure that you remain calm, that you remain likeable and that you continue to be a functioning member of society. Getting other people to like you can be difficult and awkward, especially if you are in a new city or country. There are a few tips that can help kick-start your personal development, allowing you to become a better, more wholesome person.

If you wish to get other people to like you or to open up to you, the first tip is to make them feel important. One strategy is known as ‘active listening’. When they’re talking, it is important to give them all of your attention, to show them that you are actively listening to their lives and their stories. Pay full attention to them, and they will respond in kind. People will feel your attention and will prefer talking to you – attention is now rare and fleeting, which means that if you pay attention, people are more likely to come and talk to you.
Another idea is that you see what you think about. One example is of a driver who believes in the stereotype of women being bad drivers. Though he may see both men and women driving badly, or both men and women driving well, he will remember seeing bad women drivers, because that is the original idea he is working with. This is a security mechanism in our brain to confirm that our opinion is right. One tip is to keep a positive attitude and have a positive mindset about the world. With this in mind, you will see positive changes in the world around you. Because you see the world the way you want to see it, if you choose to have a positive outlook, the world will reflect this outlook.
One way to feel confident about yourself is to use motion to your advantage. When standing, try standing straight, or taking up space with your body. When sitting, sit straight, and you will have an air of confidence around you. Exercise is also useful to help increase the endorphins in your body, keeping you happy and healthy. With regular exercise, you will feel more confident about your body and where you are, making it easier for others to be around you.

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