Methods of pest control



Unlike what people by and large think, pest control isn’t confined to just sprinkling pesticide, in fact it is the last resort to handle pest control, and there are many ways by which one can understand how pests breed, grow etc. and take effective measures to counter pest growth.

An effective pest control requires good knowledge of various pest and their habits, also it is important to identify the pest – like bed bug etc, correctly and take easy steps to control their growth or exterminate them from your home.

There are three very well known methods of pest control.

  1. Hygiene: If your home cleaning services and you take care to dispose waste, then it acts as a great deterrent to pest growth, because pests generally grow in garbage or dirty areas, getting your house clean, sofa and carpets clean, will really pay off in a long run, as it is said the best way of pest control is to prevent the pest breeding.
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  1. Biological control methods : In this method, natural counter-pest methods are used, for example the use of the dung beetle to break down and bury cow feces so that it is no longer available as a breeding place for flies, or putting neem leaves in cloths, or burn them to get rid of mosquitoes.

However not all biological control methods work. And even if they do, they don’t guarantee 100% success in pest control; having said that, it does, however helps to control growth of pests in most economical way, and are very popular in villages where there is inadequate supply of pesticides for pest control, and professionals too are rarely available.

  1. Using Pesticides : As we pointed out before, this should be the last resort, in this resort, there are various chemical that a pest control specialist uses, nowadays herbal pesticides are very common to control growth of bed bugs, they don’t warrant human isolation and works perfectly, however while using pesticides, the professional must take great care to ensure that they don’t saturate the area with lot of chemical which can be hazardous for kids, because pesticides by and large have adverse effect on human beings, and children are at much more risk than others are. Using pesticides need extreme caution and professional competence, again, the all purpose UrbanClap company can help you get a profession that meets your requirements, and provide you services specific to bugs, they also keep coming up with discounts that can really control your budget apart from pest.

While we hope that you take precautions by maintaining great hygiene, sometimes you just cannot prevent the spread of pests, bed bugs from instance, can spread in your house even if a relative or neighbor who has a single bed bug comes to your house. While cleanliness will keep you safe most of the times, just in case you need help, you can also write to UrbanClap to see if they have some plan to deal with it. Sometimes you might have a situation wherein there can be multiple types of bugs spreading in your house, and the only way to take an effective measure would thus be, getting a professional to inspect and determine what course of action would suffice.

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