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Sorting through an inbox of junk email, newsletters and other subscriptions can be a time-consuming task. You have to open and scan each email for the unsubscribe link, and there are times when you are opening over 20 emails. The good news is you can manage your email with a service known as

Unroll Me was launched back in 2011 by Steven Greenberg, Perri Blake Gorman, Josh Rosenwald and JojoHedaya. The company was sold to Slice Technologies in 2014. You can use the desktop version of Unroll Me, or you can download the application to your Apple or Android device.

If you are using the service on your desktop, you are going to sign in through your email provider. You are going to need to authorize the service to access your inbox, but people have found this service to be reliable for years.

Once you have logged in to Unroll Me, you are going to see a list of your new subscriptions. The list contains the name and email address of each subscription, so you can determine if the email is something you want to keep or delete. You have the option to add the email to your rollup, keep it in your inbox or unsubscribe from it. Use the following guide to learn more about each option.

Rollup: If you come across an email you do not want to unsubscribe from or want in your inbox, you have the option to add it to your rollup. All emails from that sender are sent to your “Unroll Me” folder. You can access the emails to send them to your inbox or unsubscribe from them by going to the rollup portion of your Unroll Me account.

Keep In Inbox: When you come across an email you want to keep, all you have to do is click the option to keep it in your inbox. It is automatically moved to your inbox on Unroll Me, and you continue to receive the email through your provider.

Unsubscribe: You can get rid of the emails you do not want to keep by clicking the unsubscribe button on It is a one-click solution that does not require you to open and scan the email for the unsubscribe link. Your inbox is clear of unwanted emails in just a matter of minutes.

You can easily login to your Unroll.Me account to change the option on an existing email. This includes unsubscribing to an existing email or adding an email you unsubscribed from to your rollup.

You do not have to worry about the filters, folders and labels in your inbox being compromised. Unroll Me does not affect the organizational system in your provider inbox.

It is important to remember that you are only notified for your recent subscriptions. You can still sort through the existing emails in your rollup, inbox and unsubscribed folders on Unroll Me. gives you an easy, time efficient way to unsubscribe from emails and manage your inbox.


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