The Major Advantages of Dedicated Web Server Plans and Services


If you are thinking of whether you should be investing over the costly price of a dedicated web server for your business website, or if the reasonable shared web hosting server will be good enough for you, then welcome to the real world of web hosting server. This is probably one of the toughest decisions web masters make for their hosting server needs.

Why Should You Choose Dedicated Web Server?

A dedicated web server is a term used for the situation where your site is the only website on the hosting server, who owns the private rights to use any resources that are available on the web server. No other websites exist on the same web server as you are to share any of these features with you. If you are the owner of the host server, you are free to make a decision which apps or system to operate, or what type of data or applications to download from your website.

On this kind of plan, the amount of memory, bandwidth, hard drive space and data speed are important enough to support your business operations without any doubt. You don’t have to be concerned about the danger of not having enough disk space or bandwidth allocated for even if you needed adequate resources to support downloading of graphical or photos for your website on regular basis.

High Level Of Security

When you are on the dedicated host server, you can be guaranteed that your important files and apps, as well as personal information, are safe and protected as dedicated server downloaded with the toughest form of security control features where no one else can access the server because there are no other sites will have the password to your host server. If privacy is what you have been prioritizing on, then dedicated web server is the best for you!

One can expect to be provided with an e-commerce online shopping cart in the case of dedicated hosting server where their clients can afford to pay online through various choices of payments systems such as PayPal, EDI transfer, wire transfer and more. With the highly encrypted security system on these online shopping carts, clients and visitors are safe and secured against computer hackers or spam especially when they use their credit cards to pay online. You can visit our site to find out more about the security options we provide.

Performance And Reliability

Other than that, dedicated hosting server used to be well supported by the latest and highly advanced modern web servers which are of first-class quality performance and reliability. Their clients and users under the dedicated hosting package are well assured with at least a 99.8% up-time through the year. They are outfitted with well functional support web server that is ready to be used if there are any unexpected downtimes. Dedicated web server hosting service providers are aware and very concern about the downtime effect to their customers businesses, for every second count when it comes to big industries and large companies. In order to uphold and keep their existing customers, most of these dedicated web hosting providers are more than happy to compensate their clients for the losses or damages which they have encountered during the downtime.



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