LambdaTest Review: Best Cross Browser Testing Tool


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Cloud computing has come forward leaps and bounds in the past few years, especially since the advent of AWS or rather Amazon Web Services back in 2006. To be very honest there was no scope for Cloud computing to boom like the way it did, back then. But when we look back at it today we can’t help but ignore the fact that these ages were more or less coming.

In today’s world most of the companies are trying to, in the process of , or have already shifted their entire business to the cloud.
This means that their data is available to them anywhere and at anytime. And not only that, cloud computing has seen a whole load of brilliant applications in the past. With companies coming up with services that allow users to use high end computers remotely to do whatever they want, whether it be for running games, or for testing of various products.

One such product we’re reviewing today, is called LambdaTest and it basically functions as an online cross browser compatibility testing service that allows users to run live tests on over 2000 configurations of Browsers, Operating Systems and also Mobile devices.

Services like LambdaTest really come in handy for devs who are in the latter stages of their development cycle and are working as hard as possible to get their job done and get it live as soon as possible.

This service not only gives the devs a clear idea of what their website will work like on different configurations of browsers, but also sets them up perfectly for bug smashing with a brilliantly implemented issues tracking system.

Let us now take a deeper look at all of the features of LambdaTest


Live testing of your web app with a provision for parallel testing

Testing of your web application becomes super easy with the help of LambdaTest. With over 2000 ways in which you can test your web app on, LambdaTest lets you run these tests live on remote computer with the configurations that you specified.

Something that really helps one out during these tests is the provision that allows parallel testing i.e. testing of multiple configurations at the same time. This really helps reduce the time the entire testing process takes while providing some of the best test build times you’ve ever seen!

Note: These tests aren’t simply restricted to the web apps that you’ve already published! You can also run these tests on locally hosted web pages so that you can be sure of what you’re putting out into the market!

Automated Screenshots

With LambdaTest the way you interact with your tests is through the form of screenshots that are automatically taken during the duration of your live tests. These screenshots provide a visual representation of what your web app looks like and works on different configurations. Helping you understand what works and what really doesn’t.

Issue Tracking

LambdaTest also comes in with a really efficient issues tracking feature that allows you to log issues and bugs in your code right from the testing page, and once you’ve logged them in you can also proceed to either add another bug, edit an existing bug or assign a task to one of your colleagues.

Mobile Support

As mentioned earlier, LambdaTest doesn’t only provide support for PC browsers, but also for mobile devices. You can go ahead and select the device you want to test your web app on, the Android or iOS version and also the screen size. This helps you get a pixel to pixel idea of what your app will perform like on mobile devices.

A service that will really help all Web Developers get their work done quicker and easier, LambdaTest looks to be one of the safest bets in the industry for the job that it does, and we would definitely recommend you to check this service out!


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