Keeping Customer Payment Information Secure


Customers shopping online are more likely to stick with reputable sites and the sites that offer them some form of protection rather than take a chance on a new site. As the owner of a new site who wants to get more customers to order, you need to find ways to both keep their payment information safe and let them know that they can safely shop from you. Even larger companies like Walmart and Target experienced security issues in the past that led to hackers stealing credit card information. You can secure your site and help customers feel confident shopping with you.

Choose the Right Software
Online shopping cart software can make your site as secure as both you and your potential customers want it. This type of software lets you create a virtual shopping cart that a customer can use. Each time that shopper adds something to his or her cart, it appears at the top of the screen. The best software will also come with encryption programs that encrypt the data that customers share and keep that information protected from hackers. Customers can buy everything they want without worrying about someone stealing their credit card details.

Offer Protected Accounts
Using protected accounts is another way you can help your customers. With a secure account, a shopper can create an online account that works with your site. Each customer has the chance to select his or her own password. You can require that passwords contain a combination of letters, numbers and symbols as well as requiring that passwords contain at least one uppercase letter. The longer and more difficult the password is, the less likely it is that a hacker might break that password and steal that information.

Create a Payment Page
No matter what types of products you sell online, you should always have a frequently asked questions page. Also called an FAQ page, this lists simple questions that customers have and includes answers to each one. This is a great way to make your customers feel more secure. You can let them know about the type of encryption software that you use, how they can create new accounts and what you do to store their payment information online. The more useful information you give them, the more likely it is that they will take a chance on your newer site and place an order.

Include Basic Information
Another way you can make your customers feel secure ordering from you is with some basic security information listed on the bottom of the payment page. You can also place this information upfront on your home page or include a pop-up box that notifies them of this information before they place an order. Make sure that you tell potential customers all the steps that you take to secure credit card details, including expiration dates and card numbers. Customers have a lot of options when it comes to online shopping, but making your site more secure will make them want to shop your site.


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