Jennifer Lawrence on the Red Carpet


Jennifer Lawrence

Occasionally, when I see pink carpet photos of celebs seized with the aid of laughter, I get a bit suspicious. Like, perhaps they’re now not full-on faking these giggles, however possibly they are hamming things up for the sake of adorable photographs? (you know, they may be actors, in any case.) I think there could be something to my query—aside from when Jennifer Lawrence is in the photos, because she’s obviously hilarious. (Sup, Golden Globes photo bombs.) Living proof: these snaps taken at tonight’s gold standard of the Lawrence-starring film Serena. Before I got too deep into questioning what made director Susanne Bier hyena snicker like this—if farted or flipped off a photo or fell (again)—I think i discovered the source of the pink carpet crackup, in all its glory:

Jennifer Lawrence Picked Her Nose on the Red Carpet

You win, J.regulation. You win again.