Is Mobile devices taking over PC’s?


Latest study and trend in the use of mobile devices shows a rapid and spectacular rise compared to desktop devices. Technological advances in the application and use of mobile and tablet devices are becoming more and more sophisticated and user friendly. Many businesses are well aware of the impact and opportunities that is quietly unfolding and yet very efficient in englobing a wide and unexpected audience leading the way to more considerate marketing and sales implications. The shift in the increasing trend in the use of mobile devices is definitely a fact of the present evolutionary process which is embracing the whole spectrum and mode of retrieving and exchanging information. Technological improvements of basic applications to more multi-functional uses and user friendly add-ons are definitely accountable to the increase in trend and may even have overtaken the ordinary desktop PC as we speak. This does not really mean an end to the use of desktop PC facility. It is just a clear indication of the preferred use of devices by consumers based on several criteria.

The personal and intimacy connection of the consumer with their mobiles seems more efficient, appropriateand discreet to most consumers as compared to Laptops and PC’s. Marketing executives are more versed to target consumers through mobile devices as they perceive the potential of delivering any intended messages and information to the right audience at the right time for a more beneficial effect to their cause. High definition visual is no more a problem as some latest mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated such as iPad, Android-based smartphones or tablets, and Windows Phone.

The social and economic repercussions are also of an increasingly impressive influence in the adaptation and use of these devices that have no fixed mobility. The ease and facility of these devices account to a large portion of online activities throughout day and night with the desktop devices regressing slowly late during the day or early afternoon to a very low usage in the early part of the evening with a slight increase again in the evening to a very very low usage towards late evening or early in the morning. This may be accountable to domestic responsibilities, such as cooking, parents looking after their kids and so on. Facebook and Twitter and other social media interaction, however, do not quiver in any way at any time in the scale of usage. In fact, the usage of mobile devices reach unprecedented peaks at times when desktop usage is almost non-existent.

Social channels are not the only reasons for this high volume capacity of mobile devices. Other reasons lie on the fact mobiles devices have adopted the capacity and in-built technology to make browsing, information retrieval and sharing of data and/or transfer much easier and within reach at any given location. The preference of a larger or smaller screen is not of any great significance judging by the popularity of their use.

Information content and interaction are in general the desire of consumers in the first place ranging from fashion and beauty, home and gardening, food, drinks and recipes, politics, family, technology, arts and entertainment, health and sport etc.

Some websites still do not and have yet to endorse new technologies to compete with more and more impressive mobile capacities and technologies. The adaptation and implementation of mobile technologies is not impossible but may come at a time when their use will have no real marketing effect and marketing impact. Some websites are simply unable to add or implement new devices capable for diversity use on mobiles and tablets due to the cost involved and other implications.

Some other websites, though, are already on the cutting edge of technology in offering the same, if not, a mobile version of what they portray on their websites. Many websites have already adopted the HTML5 technology which have many new features that include pre-set programmable data capable of intergrading audio, video and scalable vector graphics with mathematical formulas designed specifically to render multimedia and graphical web content much more easier to read without having to rely on other plug ins and Application Programming Interface, better known as API, which is a basic software programming with fixed routines and procedures.

Latest gaming websites from creators of will be one of the first to have adopted the HTML5 technology, and at the same time offer the same browsing experience via mobiles and tablets.  The reason behind it being to offer the consumer the best and latest in the market in terms of service and graphicswhile at the same time making it a real life experience unsurpassed by competitors. The race for new technology has always been present but making full use of it is yet another thing. Modern businesses are fully aware of the marketing potential through the Internet and aiming for a maximum audience is the key and answer to success. This is why some websites have already taken indispensable measures to ensure the integration and facility of mobile devices.

2015 may be the year of a new experience for web browsers, and a new era when mobile web browsers will be of such significance that users will be relying on more excellence. Excellence is a necessity considering the fact that over 50% of mobile web users access the internet for information, to check their email, listen to music, play games, and download applications.  There is definitely a shift in the behavioural pattern of individuals using mobile devices as a favourite tool for work and communication but the real challenge is to focus on the advertising, customer relation, marketing, sales opportunities, and above all, customer service. Lucky Pants Bingo has the merit of providing all these requirements.

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