Insight about the Creation of Games


Have you ever wondered what inspires game developers to create particular games for gaming consoles or online? Do they create these games with their own ideas or concept or are they influenced by cinema, current events and customer feedback? Back in the 1950’s, the first video games were created and released, however these games were not available to the public as they required mainframe computers to function. Commercial development for games began in the 1970’s when arcade video games and first-generation consoles were marketed along with home computers for the first time.

Those first PC and console games were mainly created by lone programmers who took advantage from low cost and the low capability of computers to create simple games where just a single person could do the programming, graphic designing, sound effect, etc. There were not much research done on what customers wanted as a game and these games were mostly themed on what the programmers thought to be exciting which was most of the time quite disappointing and lacked the creativity factor. Traditional commercial PC and console games usually takesyears to be created and are most often funded by publishers, however with the ever increasing computer processing power, it has now become nearly impossible for a single game developer to create a mainstream console/pc or web based online game on his own.Nowadays the high expectations and requirements of modern games far exceed the capabilities of a single developer, thus why the process of developing a game has been broken down into various departments where development team members, designers, artists, sound designers, programmers and testers have split the responsibilities of that one lone game programmer.

Game development, production and design is a process that starts from an idea or a concept. Before a game is developed and launched, surveys are carried out with the public toget customers feedback so as to target particular demographics and gaming market trends, and to know specific features that the customers would like to find in those games.  Concept documentation is a primordial phase into the development of a game as this is based on a marketing analysis of what customers are expecting from the game developers. The development teams are also greatly influenced by cinema and major events happening around the world. Often you can see games themed on blockbuster movies, festivals, cultures and countries being released and being immediate hits with the gamers as these are exactly the genre of games they are looking for.

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