How to Unlock Windows 7 Password for Free


    Gone are the days when you forgot your Windows 7 login password and didn’t have any approach to reset them. So, there was no way to recover the password except you had to re-install the operating system all over again that used to cause more troubles than relief. But, there are too many solutions these days to reset and unlock Windows 7 login password if you forgot them.

    If you are one of them then you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to unlock Windows 7 password without losing any data. This guide can be implemented by all kind of audience even if you don’t have any computer skills. Just follow as we say and you should be able to unlock Windows 7 Password.

    We will try to explain everything as meticulously as possible so have some patience and try to use any of the methods mentioned below to reset the Windows 7 login password.

    Things you need before getting started:

    A USB flash drive or writable CD/DVD with at least 1 GB empty space. ( USB Flash Drives are recommended )

    1. A working set of computer to make a bootable disc.
    2. Ophcrack or UUkeys Windows Password Mate files.

    In this first part, we will mention how to use Ophcrack to unlock Windows 7 password and in the second part we will show you how to use UUkeys Windows Password Mate to do the same.

    Part 1: Unlock Windows 7 Password using Ophcrack.

    Ophcrack is a free and open sourced Windows password recovery tool established on rainbow tables. It only works in Windows XP, Vista and 7. We have used on Windows 10 but it didn’t work. But it works perfectly in Windows 7 and lower versions.

    Step 1. Download Ophcrack from a working computer and save the ISO image file on your computer.

    Step 2. Insert a USB flash drive or writable CD/DVD to make a bootable disc.

    Step 3. Burn the ISO image file on the selected device using any ISO image burner. It is highly recommended to use a USB flash drive for smooth experience.

    Step 4. Insert the flash drive on the locked computer and reboot it.

    Step 5. Ophcrack will be loaded immediately on startup and wait until the options appear on the screen.

    Step 6. Next, choose Ophcrack Graphic mode – automatic and press Enter.

    Step 7. Wait until Ophcrack is loaded on the screen and it should appear something like this on the screen.

    Step 8. A separate window will appear with new hard drive partition that will inform that a partition with encrypted password is found. Simply leave the screen and let ophcrack recover your Windows 7 login password.

    Step 9. The password for your username will appear on the screen. Quickly write it on a piece of paper and reboot the computer.

    Step 10. Now enter the password and you should be able to login normally.

    Part 2: Unlock Windows 7 Password using UUkeys Windows Password Mate

    UUkeys Windows Password Mate is the best and most elegant Windows password recovery tool. It works in all Windows versions including Windows 10, 7, 8, XP and so on. This tool is tested and verified in countless locked computers and it always worked flawlessly. Rest assured that it is guaranteed that it will work on your locked computer too. It is supported in all brands of computers and works on all types of hard disks including SATA, IDE, etc.

    Step 1. Download and install the program on a separate functioning computer. Launch the tool to start using it.

    Step 2. Insert an empty USB flash drive and from the drop down options, choose the name of the flash drive and click on “Burn USB” to write all the files on the flash drive.

    Once the burning process, a pop message will appear which will let you know that the burning process is completed.

    Step 3. Eject the flash drive and insert it on the locked computer and reboot the computer.

    Step 4. As soon the computer starts, keep pressing F8, F9, F10, F12, Esc or Delete button to start the boot option menu. (The function key varies for different brands)

    Step 5. Choose the flash drive name from the menu and press Enter.

    Step 6. UUkeys Windows Password Mate will be loaded automatically and from there, follow these steps –

    • Choose the Operating System (Say Windows 7)
    • Select the locked username.
    • Click on “Reset Password”.
    • Click on “Reboot”.

    Step 7. Eject the USB flash drive and the Windows should start normally now. You don’t have to enter any password as it will completely remove the password from the login screen.


    You should not be embarrassed if you forgot the password of your Windows login screen. It happens to everyone once in a while. Using the methods mentioned in this guide will surely help to unlock Windows 7 password. Please remember that this software must be used for personal computers only. You should never use them for any illegal activities.


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