How to Save Your Reputation


Because the internet is global, a little piece of bad news can reach the far corners of the earth in no time whatsoever. In fact, thousands of people can read a single negative comment in a matter of minutes, particularly thanks to social media. A lot of things can be considered ‘bad news’. For instance, a CEO may have actually used a profanity on live TV, a disgruntled employee may have written a length rant on Facebook, a product may have been defective, and more. Whatever the reason, the reality is that these types of negative views can be found by anyone very quickly and most people will accept them as being true. If this happens, you are in a real crisis and you will need to access crisis reputation management services.

Understanding Crisis Reputation Management

The process of this system is firstly to monitor what is being said. If something negative appears, they will be first to know and steps will be put into place to suppress it as much as possible. This is achieved by flooding the internet with positive information again. With crisis reputation management, everything has to be done very quickly, so that as few people as possible will have the chance to see it.

How Can You Have an Impact?

A lot of your personal reputation is down to your own actions, going above and beyond providing good customer service and an excellent product. You must engage in sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, as this is an opportunity for you to reach thousands of customers straight away. Through these channels, you can also publicly acknowledge issues, ensuring other people can see that you took the time to listen to them properly, and that you did your best to address it. Nothing will work more in your favor than responding in a friendly manner to a very angry negative review. It will make you look great and the individual starts to look like someone who complains for the sake of complaining.

Get Your Resources Right

Reputation management isn’t cheap. However, you have to consider how valuable the things you spend on are worth it. Do you want to have a solid reputation that you can trust on, building on your brand recognition and more, or do you want to plod along and hope for the best? Most businesses with positive reviews will also have significant marketing budgets. These budgets don’t have to be huge, but we consistently see companies who invest in online reputation management have more positive reviews as well. You can manage your own online reputation if you have the time, energy and expertise. However, it is likely that you have expertise in a very different field, the one that your business actually runs in, and this is why you should let the reputation management elements be completed by professionals.

Unfortunately, not considering your online reputation is something that simply isn’t possible anymore in today’s world, or at least not if you want to become or remain successful.


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